Cycle Ambition Fund: Frome Greenway Link

A segregated traffic-free link along Blackberry Hill will complete a key route in the North Fringe of the City.

Bristol has been awarded additional funding from the UK government to upgrade and extend walking and cycling routes across the city. With Council funding  included, a total of £19m has been allocated for projects from 2015 to 2018 in the Bristol area.

One of these routes is the Frome Greenway. We are working to improve the existing route section between Stoke Park and Frome Terrace. Improving facilities for pedestrians and cyclists along the Frome Greenway will help give communities in North East Bristol a better, healthier alternative for transport to get people to work or play all year round. We also want to provide an improved route along Blackberry Hill.

This will form part of a valuable link between the Frome Greenway and the Bristol-Bath Railway Path and help improve connections to housing, shops and the UWE Glenside Campus.

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Now completed

All the Cycle Ambition Fund projects are now completed in Bristol. This page serves as an archive of the work done.

This important section will connect the North Fringe into the existing Frome Greenway route (Frome Valley), and into Fishponds via the UWE Glenside Campus.The route consists of two elements:

  • On road section – links Stoke Park and the North Fringe to the Frome Greenway route
  • UWE Glenside campus section – connects into the above on-road section and connects cyclists directly into the UWE Glenside campus, and on towards Fishponds.

The route connects UWE’s Frenchay and Glenside campuses with a single route which is either off-road or using quiet residential streets.

Broom Hill

The Frome Greenway will give cyclists an off-road route along Broom Hill.  Broom Hill is a busy road with a steep gradient, parking, and bus stops which create a number of hazards for cyclists.

The project includes:

  • new parallel crossing on Frenchay Park Road, to connect Broom Hill into Stoke Park
  • east footway on Broom Hill widened to provide shared and segregated pedestrian/cyclist area
  • new waiting restrictions on Broom Hill in the peak morning/evening rush hour, to keep traffic flowing
  • Carriageway narrowed modestly to help support 20mph speed limit
  • raised table at River View junction to assist pedestrians and cycle crossing
  • All bus stops upgraded with brick paved boarding platforms, with stops repositioned near Frome Bridge
  • new parallel crossing by Frome Terrace, to connect into the Frome Greenway route
  • repositioned refuge island at Wickham Hill, to help improve pedestrian crossing
  • changes to footway layout at Small Lane/Blackberry Hill junction
  • entire pavement on eastern side resurfaced
  • undertake some carriageway resurfacing
  • renew road markings to suit new layout
Drawing 1 Download pdf PDF approximately 1.07 M Drawing 2 Download pdf PDF approximately 1.08 M

UWE Glenside Campus

The Glenside section connects into the on-road route and links directly into the Glenside Campus, and on towards Fishponds.

This section provides a scenic, off-road alternative to using adjacent Blackberry Hill, which is narrow in places and busy with traffic.

The Glenside route comprises a 3m wide shared path, through woodland and on the outskirts of the historic Glenside campus, which has a number of Grade II listed buildings.

New lighting will be installed along the route to ensure it is usable throughout the year.