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Final Easton Safer Streets plan proposed

A community-led project designed to help make streets safer in Easton is progressing to the final stage of formal consultation.

The Easton Safer Streets project has been developed by the community and Bristol City Council over the past year in order to make streets safer and more attractive to walk and cycle in. The final proposals have now been agreed by local councillors in Easton, Lawrence Hill and Eastville.

Key features of the proposed scheme include:

  • Speed cushions on York Road to slow vehicle speeds
  • One ways to reduce vehicular conflict at pinch points on the following roads; Freeland Buildings, Coombe Road and Villiers Road.
  • Street closure to motor vehicles on All Hallows Road, alongside a speed table at the Albion Road Junction. This will help create a more enjoyable and attractive route for walking and cycling to school. The street closure re-allocates space, providing the opportunity to create place making improvements.
  • Footway widening and crossing improvements at Bellevue Road/Washington Avenue, Bellevue/Greenbank Road, Alpine Road/Devon Road and Rosemary Lane/Robertson Road junctions. These traffic calming measures will make it easier for people to walk through the area by widening pavements and improving crossing facilities
  • Roughly 5m of double yellow lines around street corners to improve visibility at junctions.

Bristol City Council will now start the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) process for the proposed changes for the formal public consultation next year. If approved, the order will give the council permission to implement the changes.

The £500k scheme is part funded by Bristol City Council and a government grant awarded to Bristol up until 2018. The Cycling Ambition Fund programme aims to upgrade walking and cycling routes across the city.

To find out about other initiatives being financed by the Cycle Ambition Fund, visit: www.travelwest.info/projects/cycle-ambition-fund

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Map of proposals

(Click on this link to see a map of the proposals.)

Key explanation

Yellow – Quiet routes through the community

The yellow lines represent the ‘quieter’ routes through the area which connect the three schools, local shops and community facilities with existing walking and cycling routes into the city centre (the Frome Valley and the Bristol to Bath Railway Path) as well as Stapleton Road Station.

Some of the quiet routes through the community indicate access through pedestrianised areas e.g. through Church Street to St Mark’s Road. This illustrates a quieter route for those walking and cycling.

Please note, we are not proposing to open this street to vehicular traffic.

Green Circle – Traffic calming improvements

We are proposing a number of traffic calming improvements to junctions along the quiet routes through the community. These vary depending on the site so please check each individual drawing on the main web page.

Purple Line – Road closed to motor vehicles

We have proposed a number of road closures in the area at locations where there are high levels of through traffic. Please note, walking and cycling access would be maintained in these locations. The road closures are proposed near local schools and would help create a safer and more attractive route for walking and cycling to school.

Please note people could still drive to the schools if necessary as vehicular access has been maintained.

Red Arrow Line – One Way’s

We have proposed to make a number of streets one way in the area.

Pink Dotted Line – 5m of double yellow lines

We have proposed to introduce around 5m of double yellow lines around each junction in the area. The length of double yellow lines will depend on each individual location.

Blue Circle – Footway build outs and crossing improvements

We have proposed to widen footways and upgrade crossing facilities in a number of locations. Wider footways will make it easier and more comfortable for people to walk through the area. We are improving crossing facilities by introducing dropped kerbs and tactile paving.

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