Major Updates

Final Easton Safer Streets plan

The Easton Safer Streets project has been developed by the community and Bristol City Council over the past couple of years in order to make streets safer and more attractive to walk and cycle in.

Key features of the scheme include:

  • Speed cushions on York Road to slow vehicle speeds
  • One ways to reduce vehicular conflict at pinch points on the following roads; Freeland Buildings, Coombe Road and Villiers Road.
  • Street closure to motor vehicles on All Hallows Road, alongside a speed table at the Albion Road Junction. This will help create a more enjoyable and attractive route for walking and cycling to school. The street closure re-allocates road space, providing an opportunity to for place making improvements.
  • Footway widening and crossing improvements at Bellevue Road/Washington Avenue, Bellevue/Greenbank Road and Alpine Road/Devon Road. These junction improvements will make it easier for people to walk through the area by widening pavements and improving informal crossing facilities.
  • Double yellow lines around street corners to improve visibility at junctions.

The £500k scheme is partly funded by Bristol City Council and a government grant awarded to Bristol up until 2018. The Cycling Ambition Fund programme aims to upgrade walking and cycling routes across the city.

To find out about other initiatives being financed by the Cycle Ambition Fund, visit: www.travelwest.info/projects/cycle-ambition-fund

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Map of schemes

(Click on this link to see a map of the proposals.)



Bellevue Road footway improvements and York Road speed cushions

From the 28th of January, we will be upgrading informal crossing points and widening sections of the footway on Bellevue Road. We will also install speed cushions along York Road.

The works on Bellevue Road will require temporary road closures and two way traffic lights in order to give our contractors enough room to work. Advanced warning signs will be placed on site two weeks before the works begin.

  • The footway improvements on Bellevue Road, Greenbank Road and Washington Avenue are due to start on the 21st of January and are programmed to be completed by the end of February.
  • The York Road works are due to be start on the 28th of February. The speed cushions are programmed to take two weeks to install.

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