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Major Updates

Update April 2019

The budget available for on-street cycle hangars has now been fully allocated, so we are unable to deliver any more sites around the city than those already announced.

In the meantime, we are keeping a list of the people who have already contacted the Council either to enquire about having a cycle hangar installed in their neighbourhood, or about a second round of applications. When a source of further funding has been identified we will contact everyone on this list to advise them of future opportunities to apply for a cycle hangar.

If those people have also requested to be associated with one of the sites that are now in operation, we will also keep them informed about any news for that particular cycle hangar, such as vacancies.

We will send out an update e-mail later in the year to keep everyone informed about any news on the scheme overall.

Active list of applications

Click on the list below for details of the active sites that we are currently working on. These sites were announced following the initial application process that took place at the beginning of 2016. For each site there is an indication of its current stage in the process.

The stages of the process are:

  1. Site assessment;
  2. Consultation – informal (n.b. for some sites this is the final consultation stage, whereas for those sites that are within a Residents’ Parking Scheme Zone, this is the first of two consultation processes – see stages 4 & 5 below);
  3. Decision to proceed (1st);
  4. Statutory Consultation (formal);
  5. Decision to proceed (2nd);
  6. Decision of who will be the initial users;
  7. Site construction works and installation of unit;
  8. Issue keys to users and signing of contracts.

Active list of applications

Waiting list of applications

Click on the download below to see the list of the remaining group applications that were received in the initial application round that took place at the beginning of 2016.

An overall appraisal has been made of each group’s application, based on the individual answers provided by all of the group members, and each group has been given a ranking on the list. However, it should be noted that the position of a group on this list does not necessarily give an accurate indication of their priority. This is because of several reasons. For example, some groups appear lower on the list because they do not have the required minimum number of six members. Also the decision to distribute cycle hangars across as many wards as possible means that sites that are lower down the waiting list may be prioritised over sites that are above them.

We will work through the waiting list and make site assessments for each group. Some sites may have to be declined based on this site assessment.

If your group is on the waiting list you will be made aware of any future funding that becomes available and whether this can be accessed by street groups, or how it is proposed to distribute the funding for cycle hangars around the city.

Waiting list applications - Feb 2018

Why are you installing bike hangars, and what are they?

We want to encourage everyone to get on their bikes more often by installing secure bike hangars parking onto residential streets.

Bristol’s first bike hangar was installed in April 2015 by a group of Windmill Hill residents and was a community-led initiative. Since then more funding has been secured to provide more hangars across the city.

A bike hangar is a covered, lockable and secure pod which sits on the road. It takes up about the same amount of space as a parked car and it can hold 6 bikes securely.

It’s a safe and cheap alternative for people who lack space in their homes to store their bikes. There is a small annual rental charge to hire a space in a bike hangar, part of a membership renewable each year.

Photos by Bristol City Council

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do we apply for a bike hangar?

    On 4th March 2016, we stopped receiving applications for the first phase of the bike hangar scheme. There is no date yet for when we will re-open applications in order to expand the number of cycle hangars that are installed around the city. However, if you would like to be contacted when applications are due to re-open, please leave your contact details below and advise which street it is that you think needs to have a cycle hangar installed.

  • We weren’t successful in the first phase, can we apply again in the future?
    If you have already applied as an individual or group, you will not need to reapply and will be held on a waiting list to be considered again in later application phases.
  • Can you deal with a big volume of requests?

    Because of the anticipated demand, priority will be given to those streets where residents have organised themselves into a group of at least 6 people and we will distribute the limited number of bike hangars across the city as evenly and as fairly as possible. We will also create a waiting list of streets that shown interest in having a bike hangar, and of individuals looking to rent a space in one, so we will be ready to roll out more bike hangars if more money becomes available.

    Depending on the demand for a space in a hangar from people living on the same street, we may have to limit the number of spaces per household.

  • Do you foresee any delays to some applications?
    If it is necessary to change existing road markings e.g. yellow lines this will add a significant amount of time to the process of installing a bike hangar because of the possibility of having to go through a legal process, e.g. for a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO), but this shouldn’t stop anyone from applying, we will do our best to resolve this as soon as possible.
  • Can I put any type of bike in the bike hangar?
    Unfortunately, bike hangars cannot be used for tandems, tricycles or trailers.


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