Within this zone you can travel as far as Saltford and Queen Charlton in the north, Freshford in the east, Midsomer Norton in the south and as far west as Clutton Hill. The University of Bath is also accessible, while connections to shared zones mean places such as RUH, Keynsham, Pensford and Farrington Gurney are possible.

Bath rural zone map showing the boundaries and where you can travel. This information is also provided in an accessible version below.

What zones can you also travel to?

  • Keynsham shared
  • RUH shared
  • A37 shared

If you want to travel further afield

You can travel longer distances with a Westlink – simply connect with standard buses or trains. Here’s just a few of the most convenient places to change. 

Change atForBuses
A37Wells and Bristol374, 375, 376, 376a, 172
KeynshamBristolX39, 349, 522, 17
Odd Down Park & RideBath4 & 41
Newbridge Park & RideBath21
Midsomer Norton/RadstockWells
Shepton Mallet
173, 174
*Change for trains. Main connections only – please check before you travel.

You can also travel directly to a number of places on a Westlink from Bath rural zone including Keynsham town centre, Midsomer Norton & Radstock, Sulis Hospital, RUH, St Martin’s Hospital and the University of Bath.