Wheels to Work West helps people overcome barriers to travelling to work, training and skills opportunities.

For people seeking work and skills across the West of England region, we can provide:

  • Free bus tickets
  • Discounted Bikes
  • Free loan Bikes
  • Free bicycle maintenance workshops
  • Adult cycle training and accompanied rides
  • Journey and route planning

To access the offers you must be:

  • 16 or over
  • Seeking employment (or a change in employment if you are earning under the living wage)
  • In need of help to travel to a work or skills opportunity such as travel to interviews, open days, jobs fairs, courses, training, work placements, apprenticeships or the first month of a new job
  • Live in the West of England region: Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset, North Somerset or South Gloucestershire
  • Be able to complete an anonymous survey 3 months after the start date of any W2WW support

Offers vary per area

Wheels to Work offers are available across all four West of England councils (Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol City, North Somerset, and South Gloucestershire) but they vary in each area, continue reading below to find out more.

Covid-19 Update

Please note that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, some offers may have changed or be on hold.

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Bus tickets

Where are bus tickets available?

Bus tickets are available for all areas.

Day Tickets

If you are offered an interview for employment, a place on a course of study, work placement or voluntary role you may be eligible for a day ticket (no more than 5 will be allocated to one candidate).

Month Ticket

If you have a formal offer of employment (paid, work placement or voluntary role) or a place on a course at an approved educational establishment you may be eligible for a single monthly bus ticket.

How do I apply for free bus tickets?

All bus tickets are issued based on the assessment of eligibility from our partner organisations. If you are unable to get tickets from a partner organisation, please see our Applications page.

What tickets are available?

Bath and N. East SomersetBristolNorth SomersetSouth Gloucestershire
Vouchers (Avon or Bath Riders)M-tickets (Bristol & West of England) or Vouchers (Avon or Bristol Riders)M-tickets (Weston-super-Mare and West of England) or Vouchers (Avon or Weston Riders)M-tickets (West of England) or Vouchers (Avon Riders)
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Please see the operator’s website for frequently asked questions.

  • Yes you can, once you’ve downloaded the app you can top up your ticket account whenever you wish to.

  • Travelwest has a journey planner, which will take you through your journey door to door: Journey Planner

  • You can only bring folding bikes on the buses. There may be cycle parking facilities near where you catch the bus if you want to cycle to the bus stop.

  • First bus M-tickets: M-tickets are valid for all First services including metrobus routes.

    Paper vouchers: Yes, these are now accepted on metrobus services.

Discounted bikes sales

Where are discounted bike sales available?

Discounted bike sales are available in Bristol and South Gloucestershire only.

What is a discounted bike sale?

Discounted bike sales offer eligible candidates the opportunity to purchase a bicycle at a discount through our partner organisations.

Eligibility criteria

If you meet the following criteria, you will be eligible:

  • Seeking employment, training or skills (or a change in employment if earning under the living wage).
  • In need of support to travel to a work, training or skills opportunity such as travel to interviews, open days, jobs fairs, courses, training, work placements, apprenticeships or the first month of a new job.
  • Age 16 or over.
  • Resident in Bristol or South Gloucestershire.
  • Eligible to work and/or study in the UK.

What will I get?

£100 off refurbished bikes at Bristol Bike Project and Life Cycle UK and free lock and light set.

For Bristol only, you can get the same offer from FixX.

How do I apply and where can I get my bike from?

  • FixX, Lifecycle UK and The Bristol Bike Project offer our bike discount. Please fill in our referral form to access the bike discount, we will then refer you to one of the bike providers below.

    FixX – requires a referral

    Address: Hartcliffe Community Farm, Lampton Avenue, Hartcliffe, BS13 0QH

    Tel: 07588 492154 (Tues/Weds only)

    Life Cycle UK

    Address: (far end of car park), Horfield Prison, 19 Cambridge Road, BS7 8PS

    Tel: 0117 924 5487


    The Bristol Bike Project

    Address: The Bristol Bike Project, Hamilton House, Stokescroft, BS2 8TN

    Tel: 0117 942 1794

    Without a referral, both Bristol Bike Project and Life Cycle UK will accept ‘walk ins’ but you will need to take with you evidence of your employment status. This includes:

    • Letter or document confirming you are in receipt of benefits related to unemployment or low income (for example: Jobseekers Allowance, Employment Support Allowance, Universal Credit, Income Support)
    • Offer of employment issued within the last calendar month
    • Correspondence from training provider
    • Correspondence from workplace demonstrating that you are an apprentice or undertaking an unpaid or low paid work placement or internship
    • Invitation to job interview or training (if you are not currently employed)
  • If you’re applying for the South Gloucestershire offer bicycles will be available for sale at pop-up sites or through one of our delivery partners.

    Life Cycle UK, Cambridge Road, Bristol, BS7 8PS www.lifecycleuk.org.uk

    Bristol Bike project, 80 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3QY thebristolbikeproject.org

    For further information on offer please contact transport.policy@southglos.gov.uk

Frequently asked questions
  • All bikes will have a lock and lights included.

  • It is not a legal requirement to wear a helmet whilst riding a bicycle in the UK. All participants should ensure they ride safely and do not endanger themselves or other road users. Cyclists should be aware of the Highway Code and how it applies to cyclists.

  • We provide cycle training free of charge. See our Adult Cycle Training for more info.

  • All bikes will come with a 30-day warranty, covering mechanical failure but not fair wear and tear or malicious damage. It is the responsibility of the owner to keep the bike in a safe and road worthy condition.

  • Once participants have taken possession of a bike, it becomes entirely their responsibility. Bikes will be supplied with a good quality lock which should be used at all times. We also suggest that new owners record details such as serial numbers to assist with identifying the bike should it be lost or stolen.

  • The bike is intended to help ensure participants can access employment or training and should be used for this purpose. We ask all participants to commit to keeping their bike for at least 6 months.

  • For more help, or to get in touch regarding discounted bicycles please contact us.

Loan bikes

Where are loan bikes available?

Loan bikes are offered in Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol and North Somerset.

How does it work?

If you’re over 16 and are struggling to get to interviews, training or work, you can borrow a bike from us.

The loan is free, but a returnable deposit is required. Loans are initially available for one month (two weeks for an electric bike), though there’s a limited number available for longer if required.

What type of bikes are available?

There’s a choice of bikes – electric assist, hybrid road and fold-up – all with a full kit of pannier bags, lights and locks.

To request a bike loan contact a partner organisation. If you are unable to do this please contact us.

Bath and N. East SomersetBristolNorth SomersetSouth Gloucestershire
1 month loans for regular bikes / 2 week loans for e-bikes (deposit required)1 month loans for regular bikes / 2 week loans for e-bikes (deposit required)1 month, normal commuter or folding bikes (no deposit)1 month loans for regular bikes / 2 week loans for e-bikes (deposit required)

Free bike Service

Where can I get free bike service?

This service is offered in Bristol and South Gloucestershire only.

What will I get?

Participants can receive a bike service for up to £80, this will provide you with a good level service so that you can get back on your bike. These sessions will be pre-booked with the Bristol Bike Project or Life Cycle UK and will take place on their premises. Please note that any agreed additional costs beyond £80 will need to be paid for by the participant.

How do I apply?

Free bike maintenance workshops

Where can I get bike maintenance workshops?

This free service is offered in Bath & North East Somerset and South Gloucestershire only.

Bath & North East Somerset

If you need to make your own bike more roadworthy, we have a regular cycle maintenance workshop – see our flyer below. 

There is no charge for Wheels to Work customers who are referred through our partner organisations; if you don’t have a bike we may even be able to provide one for you.

Julian House bike workshop flyer Download pdf

South Gloucestershire

Bike maintenance training

This course is for individuals that are new to bike maintenance who want to keep their bikes in good shape and gain confidence in making basic adjustments and fixes.  The training is 1 day (5 hrs) with Life Cycle UK, participants will be working on their own bike.  All of the course dates are on the website below, if you cannot find a suitable date please do not hesitate to contact us.

City and Guilds Level 1

This is a 2-day accredited course for those who know the basics but want to improve and accredit their bike maintenance skills.  These are subject to availability and will be offered on a first come first serve basis.   The training is offered with Life Cycle UK.

  • Add £80 bike service in the list of offers
  • Add the detail of the bike service in the jump to section

Adult cycle training and accompanied rides

Where is cycle training available?

Cycle training and accompanied rides are on offer in all areas in the West of England.

How does it work?

If you’re new to cycling, or if you just want to improve your road skills, you can book a private training session with an instructor.

Sessions can be tailored to any level of experience and, best of all, you can get them for FREE in some places, or for a very small fee.

Journey and route planning

Where is journey and route planning available?

This offer is available in all areas in the West of England.

How does it work?

Let an experienced travel advisor help you work out your best route options so that you can easily make your way to your new workplace, training course or apprenticeship.Our partner organisations will be able to arrange this for you. Alternatively, if you are unable to get this arranged via a partner organisation, contact us.

Further info

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Wheels to Work West has been developed under the Access Fund and is part of a wider programme of work, funded by the Department for Transport and the West of England Partnership, to encourage sustainable travel, economic growth and reduce carbon emissions. Its specific aims are to overcome transport barriers that may prevent people accessing employment and training opportunities in the West of England.