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The Wheels to Work scheme works in partnership with organisations and charities in Bristol that already provide support to people who are looking to start, change or return to work. View our list of partner organisations here.

The scheme is offered to Bristol residents who are aged 16+ and fall into at least one of the following categories:

  • Are unemployed and seeking work
  • Have been offered a job in the last four weeks
  • Earn less than the living wage
  • Are in training, an apprentice or on a work placement

Bristol's Wheels to Work offers

The following travel support is offered as part of Wheels to Work in Bristol. In order to access our offers please visit one of our partner organisations or fill in our referral form:

  • Free bus travel
  • £50 discount on the cost of a refurbished bike
  • Travel training

Scroll down for more information on each offer.


Free bus travel

Wheels to Work offers free short term (daily/weekly) bus travel in the form of a multi-operator voucher or First Bus mTicket, and longer term (monthly) mTickets.


£50 discount on the cost of a refurbished bike

Julian House, Lifecycle UK and The Bristol Bike Project offer our bike discount. Complete the referral form yourself, ask for a referral from one of our partner organisations, or contact Julian House/ Lifecycle UK/ Bristol Bike Project directly to find out if they have a bike in your size:


Julian House Bike Workshop

Address: Unit B, Baptist Mills Court, Bristol, BS5 0FJ

Tel: 0117 951 2541


Lifecycle UK

Address: (far end of car park), Horfield Prison, 19 Cambridge Road, BS7 8PS

Tel: 0117 353 4580

Sales take place every Friday, 10am – 4pm.


The Bristol Bike Project

Address: The Bristol Bike Project, Hamilton House, Stokescroft, BS2 8TN

Tel: 0117 942 1794


Without a referral, you will need to take with you evidence of your employment status. This includes:

  • Letter or document confirming you are in receipt of benefits related to unemployment or low income (for example: Jobseekers Allowance, Employment Support Allowance, Universal Credit, Income Support)
  • Offer of employment issued within the last calendar month
  • Pay slip demonstrating you are earning less than the living wage
  • Correspondence from training provider
  • Correspondence from workplace demonstrating that you are an apprentice or undertaking an unpaid or low paid work placement or internship
  • Invitation to job interview or training (if you are not currently employed)


Free additional travel support

The following travel support is also offered to all recipients of one of the above Wheels to Work key offers. Note that we need at least 1 week of notice to book this in:


Adult Cycle Training

Cycle training sessions can be tailored to any level of experience and will aim to help you feel confident cycling to interviews, your new workplace, training courses or an apprenticeship. The sessions are 1:1 with a private instructor, but if you prefer, you can also bring a friend along.


The cycle training sessions are flexible. They can be arranged at a convenient time and place that suits you and are available to all cyclists living in Bristol.


Accompanied cycle rides

If you’re just starting to ride a bike again, or have just got a new job – sometimes all you need is a little confidence boost help to get you cycling! The company of an experienced cyclist to ‘show you the ropes’, on a route of your choice, will help you relax, grow in confidence and recapture the joy and freedom that is cycling, even in a busy urban environment.


  • We arrange a one-hour accompanied cycle ride for your chosen journey
  • Often we help people plan, then try, their commute to work and back
  • The session includes time at the beginning and end to talk about the ride
  • You get a highlighted map of your route with annotated instructions to keep


Accompanied bus rides

If you aren’t confident in riding the bus, either you need assistance in planning your new journey or just some company for the first time you try your commute, our experienced and friendly travel advisor will help you by:


  • Joining you on your bus ride for your chosen journey
  • Helping to plan the most convenient journey for your commute to work
  • The session includes time at the beginning and end to talk about the trip
  • You get a highlighted map of your route with annotated instructions to keep


Personal travel planning

Let an experienced travel advisor help you work out your best route options so that you can easily make your way to your new workplace, training course or apprenticeship.

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