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Over the whole life cost, electric vehicles can save your business money.

Not only are electric cars and vans cheaper to run, they benefit from tax breaks, low fuel costs and are offered with sizable Government grants. Local grants are also available.

This page will give you some idea about the benefits of switching your business to electric. Companies and fleet managers can find more comprehensive information about electric plug in vehicles on the Go Ultra Low website.

Cut fuel costs

Fuel is typically the second biggest vehicle-related cost and potentially accounts for 25%-30% of fleet expenditure. The good news is that fuelling an electric car can cost up to 90% less. For example, you can fuel an electric car from just 2p per mile – much cheaper than the 10-12p per mile it costs to fuel a petrol or diesel car.

Save Tax

The motoring tax system is designed to encourage take-up of low emission and electric vehicles. Switching to an electric can help your business save on Benefit in Kind (BIK) rates, Class 1A National Insurance, Vehicle Excise Duty (VED), capital allowances and salary sacrifice regimes.

Increase your sustainable credentials

The Go Ultra Low Companies initiative is an opportunity to promote your fleet’s green credentials and receive official ‘Go Ultra Low Company’ status.

The Go Ultra Low Companies initiative acknowledges and rewards companies that have taken the industry lead and included significant numbers of electric vehicles on their fleets, with a commitment to add more before 2020.

As a Go Ultra Low Company, your company will receive:

  • Official Go Ultra Low Company status, including a logo for marketing use
  • Go Ultra Low Company toolkit, including guidance on how to communicate your green credentials to the wider world
  • Publicity: the chance to be included in future news announcements and case studies from the Go Ultra Low campaign

To see the list of the Go Ultra Low Companies, or to find out how to become a Go Ultra Low Company, visit the Go Ultra Low website.


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