Revive is a publicly owned EV charging network created to meet the needs of the West of England.

Backed and owned by the four West of England local authorities, using in depth local knowledge and direct feedback from residents, the Revive network has been created to meet the public charging needs of the region. 

Revive offers a mix of 50kW rapid chargers, together with 7kW and 22kW fast chargers. A 50kW rapid charger will give you around 50 miles worth of range in just 17 minutes, allowing you to top up and get going in the time it takes for a coffee break. Fast chargers are more suited to where you would park for a few hours, such as for shopping or whilst you are at work, or even overnight. 

Free to join – pay as you go 

Registration is free and there are no subscription costs – you just pay for the electricity you use: 

  • Fast chargers (7-22kW): £0.55 per kWh
  • Rapid chargers (50kW): £0.69 per kWh
  • Energy prices remain high, affecting many businesses. In comparison to 2020, the electricity costs used to power the Revive network have more than doubled.

    Revive unfortunately needed to increase the price of charging on the network again in line with further energy price rises, to ensure Revive can continue to provide the service they would like for customers.

    This price change means that Revive can continue to provide access to the growing charging network and commit to improving services. Revive will add more chargers to the network and, working with partners including the GeniePoint network, continue to make changes to improve the charging experience for drivers, and improve the reliability of the network.

    Follow Revive on Twitter @ReviveCharging to stay up to date with announcements, any service issues, and any future changes to tariffs.

    To keep up to date with EV and charger related news, including future tariff changes, you can sign up to the Travelwest EV mailing list here.

Sign up to Revive

To register to use the Revive charging network go to the user portal, where you can also find answers to FAQs.  

A Revive rapid charging hub at Bristol & Bath Science Park

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About Revive

Revive is a network of public electric vehicle (EV) charge points located in the West of England and created by the local authorities of Bristol, South Gloucestershire, Bath and North East Somerset, and North Somerset. Using funding from the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles, over 120 new charging bays are being installed by March 2022, including four Rapid EV charging hubs. 

Revive has been designed to be a reliable, easy to access network that will grow. Charge points are supplied and maintained by international experts Yunex Traffic (formerly Siemens Mobility), and operates on the same proven system as the national GeniePoint public charging network, meaning that users can also access GeniePoint chargers and visa versa. 

Revive charger at Eastville Park, Fishponds 

Where are Revive charge points

Charge points are being installed across the West of England, the map below shows an overview of the Revive charger network. The map includes installed and planned charger locations, as well as site suggestions.

This map may not be accessible for people using assistive technology. Please use this contact form if you require assistance

Click here to open the map in a new window.

Locations for charging bays have been informed by the demand from people who live in the region. Combined with the in-depth knowledge and analysis of the local authorities, this helps ensure charger sites have the greatest opportunity to provide a convenient service where it is really needed. You can help our network’s future development by suggesting locations for future sites here.

How to access the Revive network

New customers will need to create a Revive account and register a credit / debit card on the Revive user website. Once registered, you can access charge points using your smartphone, or by using an RFID card or fob. 

Smartphone access uses the Revive user website accessible through your internet browser. Locate your charger either on the map or by going to ‘Start a Charge’ and follow the instructions. 

To use an RFID card or fob you can either purchase a Revive card to be posted to you, or you can easily register and activate your own RFID card or fob at a charge point, ready for your next use. You can find more information in the frequently asked questions on Revive’s website.  

Revive RFID card in use

The price for charging is clearly displayed on each charger and is shown online for those who start their charge using a smartphone. Users may also need to pay for parking, so always check the signage displayed. 

Revive users can use GeniePoint chargers, likewise GeniePoint users can use Revive chargers. 

More info

Stay up to date

To stay up to date with announcements complete this form to join our mailing list and follow Revive on Twitter.

Source West – historical charging network

Revive includes public charge point locations that were part of the Source West charging network. At the locations listed below chargers have been upgraded or replaced and are now part of the Revive network. Charging bays still displaying Source West signs are not part of the Revive network. Source West users will need to register for a Revive account.

  • Former Source West public charge point at the following sites have been upgraded and switched to Revive:

    • Brislington Park and Ride
    • College Street Car Park
    • Long Ashton Park and Ride
    • Portway (A4) Park and Ride
    • Templegate Car Park
    • The Grove Car Park
    • Trenchard Street Car Park
    • West End Car Park
    • Create Centre Records Office
    • Lansdown Park and Ride
    • Charlotte Street Car Park