What we’re doing to encourage people and businesses to switch to electric.

As part of creating a better environment, all the West of England’s local authorities are committed to encouraging the widespread use of electric cars, vans and bikes.

Go Ultra Low West is a £7m project that aims to accelerate the purchase of electric vehicles across Bristol, South Gloucestershire, North Somerset and Bath & North East Somerset.

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Public charging network

Informed by market research, over 120 new charge point connections are being installed to double the size of the current public charging network.

The Revive vehicle charging network has been launched, taking over from the previous Source West network – find out more about Revive here

This ensures that owners of electric vehicles will be able to charge at more destinations in the region.

New charging hubs

By 2021, there will be four Rapid Electric Vehicle Charging Hubs in the West of England region. These will work similar to petrol stations, but for electric cars. Drivers will be able to recharge their cars in minutes rather than hours.

New electric car clubs

We are working with West of England car club providers to install charging points for electric car club vehicles, so that those people who don’t need a car all the time can still benefit from electric technology.

Business grants

We provide 50% match funding for charge points to be installed in businesses. Grant funds currently available in North Somerset and Bath and North East Somerset only.

Council fleets

Each local authority in the West of England is converting a proportion of their diesel and petrol powered fleet to electric. 

To date, over 70 electric vehicles have been added to local authorities’ fleets, providing essential services in the cities and countryside of the region.

Demonstration vehicles

West of England residents were offered the opportunity to try out an electric vehicle (EV) for two weeks, for only the cost of the electricity used. This allowed people to gain the full experience of using an EV, helping people to feel more confident about switching to an EV in the future.

From February 2018 to April 2021 a total of 144 EV loans were completed, with drivers covering 40,680 zero emission miles. 61% of participants planned to buy an EV within two years. Further research is being carried out to understand the longer term impacts. This offer was delivered in partnership with Ubeeqo and E-Car.