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Major Updates

They are cheaper to run

Electric cars and vans are cheaper to run than petrol or diesel vehicles. On a cost per mile basis an electric car could cost a third or less of what a traditional petrol or diesel car might cost. You can fuel an electric car from just 2p per mile – much cheaper than the 10-12p per mile it costs to fuel a petrol or diesel car. Use the Journey Cost Savings Calculator on Go Ultra Low to find out just how much you could save.

They are cheaper to own

Fully electric vehicles are currently exempt from Vehicle Tax. For company car drivers, electric zero emission vehicles incur a Benefit in Kind rate of 0% in 2020/21. This can represent huge savings for the driver. You can use this easy Tax Calculator to see how much you could save.
The Government’s plug-in car grant provides a discount of up to £3,000 for eligible cars; and up to £8,000 for eligible vans. There are also generous grants available to help towards the cost of home, workplace and on-street charge-points. Find out more about the grants available.

They are cheaper to maintain

Electric cars have just three main components – the on-board charger, inverter and motor – and fewer moving parts. Service, maintenance and repair (SMR) costs for plug-in vehicles can be significantly lower than those for internal combustion engine models.

They are better for the environment

Electric vehicles produce significantly lower carbon emissions and less air pollution than conventional petrol or diesel cars and produce no exhaust emissions at all. A vehicle in electric mode also produces no engine noise, resulting in a cleaner, quieter environment for both driver and those that you drive past.

Electric Cars are fun to drive

Can an electric vehicle replace a conventional car for driving experience? The following playlist shows some ‘electric sceptics’ start to be convinced.

Supporting your switch to electric

Free EV demo offer

We have partnered with E-Car, an EV car share club, to provide West of England residents access to electric vehicles so you can ‘try before you buy’. Loan one of our demo vehicles for two-weeks and experience living with an EV for your everyday travel needs. This is a free service; the only expense to you is in charging the car with electricity. To apply, go to E-Car Club online.

Free EV one to one

If you would value some independent, free advice before making the switch to electric then have a one to one discussion with our EV expert. Over the course of a phone conversation they can answer questions, tell you about the latest grants available and signpost you to trusted information sources.

If you are interested in the EV one to one offer please contact:

Still not sure? Have a look at our Electric Vehicle myth-busters

Myth: Electric vehicles are only useful for short journeys
Reality: New electric cars can travel for over 100 miles on a single charge, with some even up to 200 miles. This is more than enough for most journeys and with a constantly expanding network of public charging points including motorway service areas, longer trips can be easily managed. The Go Ultra Low Range Calculator tool shows roughly how far you could drive your chosen electric or plug-in hybrid car on a full charge; together with the charging points along the way if you wish to go that bit further.

Myth: If I leave my car unattended, someone may unplug the charger
Reality: Charging cables lock in place when you start to charge, and can only be unlocked by you once you finish using the chargepoint.

Myth: You need to have several different charging cables.
Reality: Your electric car will come with a charging cable which allows you to charge at home and at public chargers. Rapid chargers have the cables built in, so you simply use the appropriate one for your car.

Myth: Electric vehicles are boring to drive
Reality: Electric Vehicle owners say they have great performance and handling. The electric motors provide instant torque and are quick, responsive and have smooth acceleration.

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