Becoming a business member of a Car Club offers a practical solution for visiting clients or making deliveries in and around the city.

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How Car Clubs work for business

  • In Bristol there are four operators – Enterprise Car Club (formerly City Car Club), Co-wheels, Hiyacar and Zipcar
  • Bath’s car club bays are currently being used by Enterprise Car Club (formerly City Car Club)

You can contact any of these operators to find out about how their services can help with your specific business needs.

A business membership provides you with easy access to a high quality vehicle and the ability to book online 24/7 via a website or app.  There’s the flexibility to book a car for as little as hour, or as long as required.  Models include hybrid and electric vehicles as well as conventional cars and vans.

Cars club vehicles are located on-street in dedicated bays or based on the site of larger organisations.  A smart card or similar secure system provides access to the vehicle.

Business benefits

  • You reduce your business overheads by no longer needing to purchase or lease a company vehicle.
  • Car Club membership is a fraction of the cost of running your own vehicle, with operators taking care of the associated costs including maintenance, tax and insurance.
  • There’s the added benefit of doing away with the processing of mileage claims and other car related administration.
  • Car Club membership helps meet carbon reduction targets and contribute to the green credentials of your business.

Find your nearest Car Club

  • Car Club operators would still like to hear from you to find out more about your needs and inform their expansion plans.  New bays are currently under installation in many parts of the city.

How do I find out more?

Who’s using a Car Club for business?

From start ups and expanding companies, to larger organisations looking for a fleet management solution – Car Clubs are making sense for local businesses.

City Car Club has given us the freedom to control how and when we use cars for work.

Andy Degg – Green Hat Design

I find Co-wheels invaluable as a really flexible transport option at very low cost, especially for local journeys.

Bridget Pilkington – Vee Double Moo

It’s the convenience of using Zipcar that makes it so versatile. I can now cycle to work and still have access to a car to visit clients.

Colin Pemble – Aspect 360 Planning Consultants

With a variety of cars to choose from we can tailor our costs, using the small run around to visit a client for a production meeting, or the saloon car if we are on a shoot and have to transport people and camera and kit.

Sara Strickland – Suited & Booted Studios