Is your community group interested in enabling more walking and wheeling in your neighbourhood? We can support community events, with an active travel roadshow stall, Dr Bike and more FOR FREE!

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How we can work with you

Here are some examples of our offers and we will work with you to organise how best to bring this to your community:

GrantsWe will fund your idea to enable more walking and wheeling in your neighbourhood. Apply for a community grant here.
Roadshow stallTo promote our offers to individuals at our venue/event/ to visit our neighbourhood.
Bike maintenanceWe can bring our Dr Bike mechanic to your community at no charge to the organisation or individual.
Bike maintenance coursesWe can work with you to train people in cycle maintenance.
Bristol Cycling CentreFor groups to improve cycling skills and confidence regardless of ability. Full timetable and private hire available.
Bicycle security markingOn request sessions in your community, adding bicycles to the UK’s Police-approved database BikeRegister in case they are stolen.

For more information or to take on one of our community offers email the team at [email protected]