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ticket validity

Tickets for metrobus follow First Bus’s fare structure and most tickets for First Bus services can also be used on metrobus. BristolRider tickets are also accepted. What’s more, all metrobus services operate within the Bristol Zone. Simple!


  • As well as paper tickets, metrobus accepts tickets loaded onto a travelwest Travelcard and the First Bus app.

    The format in which a ticket is available / dispensed depends on the ticket type and where it’s purchased. For instance, one single or day ticket is only available as a paper ticket, whereas a pack of five single tickets is dispensed on a travelwest Travelcard.

    Most ticket types are available for purchase from travelwest and in the First Bus app.

  • Yes. English concessionary bus passes (‘older person’s’ and ‘disabled person’s’) are accepted on all metrobus services.

    There’s no need for a separate ticket, just present your pass to the driver as you do on a regular bus.

    You can use your pass to travel on any metrobus service Monday to Friday from 09:00 – 04:00 the next day and any time on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

  • Children up to the age of 4 travel free.

    Children between the ages of 5 and 15 travel for half the price of an adult.

ticket prices

Filter by passenger type:

 AdultStudent/young person (16-21)Child (5-15)Group (up to five people)

one journey

unlimited journeys on the day of purchase until 04:00 the next day

unlimited journeys for 7 days

unlimited journeys for a calendar month
Pack of 5 singles
BristolRider Day

Multi-operator ticket, press on the title to find out more
BristolRider Week

Multi-operator ticket, press on the title to find out more

how to buy

with so many ways to do it, buying tickets for metrobus is a breeze…

metrobus is a ‘buy before you board’ service

all tickets must be purchased prior to boarding, except when using Tap & Cap. This makes boarding up to five times faster, for quicker journeys!

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metrobus iPoint - The Centre

All metrobus stops have an iPoint at the stop, or nearby, where you can purchase all available tickets for metrobus services as well as many tickets that can be used on other services. Purchases from the iPoint must be made with a bank card or NFC (such as Apple Pay).

If you have a travelwest Travelcard (see below as well as FAQs to find out how to get one), you can use the iPoint to top-up. You can also use the iPoint to collect tickets purchased online from the travelwest site using the side reader (allow two hours before attempting collection).

Tickets available: all (Travelwest Travelcard or paper depending on ticket)

Tap & Cap

Tap & Cap uses contactless payments to cap our adult bus fares so you’ll never pay more than £4.50 a day or £18.90 per week when only using metrobus services, no matter how many journeys you make. 

Payments are accepted on VISA, Mastercard, Apple Pay (now with Express Mode) and Google Pay.

visa, mastercard, apple pay, google pay
You Tap We Cap. simply tap your contactless device onboard as you get on the bus. no ticket needed.

Filter by service type

capped pricesmetrobus onlyFirst Bus & metrobus
single tap£2.25£2.50
capped Day price
unlimited taps
capped Week price*
unlimited taps

*Cap is calculated over a 7 day period from the day of the first tap, with the cap for subsequent 7 day periods starting from the day on which the next tap occurs. Please note Tap & Cap may not be your cheapest option and customers should consider mTickets, and if travelling frequently Month/Year tickets.

  • Tap & Cap is for adult fares. Our system keeps track of your journeys for you and will automatically ‘cap’ your fare. The price you pay is based on the number of journeys you make and will never be more than the Bristol Day or Week ticket price. It gives an alternative to using the iPoint at bus stops with adult fares.

    Choose which contactless card or device you want to pay with and simply tap it on the ticket machine as you board the bus. There’s no need to ask the driver for a ticket; just make sure you tap the same device each time you travel. You don’t need to choose your ticket type in advance, which is especially useful when you’re not sure how many times you’re going to be using the bus. Tap & Cap covers all First Bus routes in the Bristol Zone, too. If you travel on both metrobus and other First buses during your travels, please note that Tap & Cap will cap at the normal First Bus price, £5 a day or £20 per week. For full details of Tap & Cap on First buses in the Bristol Zone, please see the First website.

    If you need any other types of ticket, for example Child, Student or Group tickets, these are only available from the iPoints at bus stops and from the First Bus app.

    For faster journeys, metrobus will remain a Buy Before You Board and Tap & Cap service, and therefore you will still be unable to purchase tickets from the driver.

    For those of you using Apple Pay, we are now accepting Express Mode. Just tap the ticket machine with your device (iPhone or Apple Watch) when boarding the bus. There is no need to wake or unlock the device, open an app or use Face ID or Touch ID – easy and quick!

    Tip: To make sure that the correct account is charged when you pay at a contactless reader, keep the card or device that you want to pay with separate from your other devices or cards.

  • With Tap & Cap we won’t be issuing paper tickets, you card or device acts as your ticket instead. To keep track of your spending, click below to visit the transaction portal. Purchases do not show immediately, but your journey will appear on our online portal within a few hours. Once you’ve logged in, you can see what journeys you’ve made and how much you’ve been charged over the past 90 days.

    You Tap We Cap. check your contactless payments here
  • Not on the bus. metrobus will remain a Buy Before You Board and Tap & Cap service, and therefore tickets will remain unavailable for purchase from the driver. However, you can still use your card at any of the iPoints at metrobus stops to buy the complete range of tickets.

  • The Tap & Cap system is run by First Bus across all metrobus services, m1, m2, m3 and m3x. For further information, including contact details of who can help if there’s been a problem, please see the First website.

First Bus app

The First Bus app allows you to purchase tickets for use on metrobus and store them within the app. Before each journey, you simply load up the ticket, which generates a QR code for scanning on-bus.

Additionally the app will allow you to journey plan and show you timetables and journey information for all First buses; including all metrobus services.

Learn more and get support for the First Bus app on the First Bus website.

Tickets available: Bristol Zone Single, Bristol Zone Day, Bristol Zone Week, Bristol Zone Month, Bristol Zone Year, Bristol Zone Night (adult, student and child) (QR code within app)

woman sitting at bus stop looking at her phone

Travelwest travelcard

metrobus - travelcard being used at iPoint

Tickets purchased from the travelwest website for the first time are sent to you in the post on a Travelcard. Once you have a Travelcard, you can top it up using the travelwest site and then collect the tickets at any iPoint using the side reader (allow two hours before attempting collection), or just take it along with you to any iPoint and top it up there.

Tickets available: Bristol Zone Adult Single (pack of 5 or 10), Bristol Zone Adult Day (pack of 3 or 5), Bristol Zone Adult Week, Bristol Zone Adult Month, BristolRider Adult Day (one or pack of 3 or 5), BristolRider Adult Month (travelwest Travelcard)

PayPoint stores

You can purchase tickets for travel on metrobus using cash at locations all across the region.

Tickets available: Bristol Zone Week, Bristol Zone Month (adult, student and child) (paper)

paypoint logo

payzone stores

payzone stores

You can obtain a travelwest Travelcard, or top up your existing one for travel on metrobus using cash at locations all across the region.

Tickets available: pack of five singles, Bristol Zone Day, Bristol Zone Week, Bristol Zone Month (adult, student and child) (travelwest Travelcard)

First’s website

You can purchase tickets for travel on metrobus from First’s website, which are then posted to you.

Tickets available: Bristol Zone Week, Bristol Zone Month, Bristol Zone Year (adult, student and child) (paper)

metrobus - man standing holding a cup of coffee in one hand an a mobile phone in another

First Travel shop at Bristol Bus Station

first bus logo

You can purchase tickets for travel on metrobus by visiting the First Travel shop at Bristol Bus Station.

Tickets available: Pack of five singles*, Bristol Zone Day**, Bristol Zone Week**, Bristol Zone Month**, Bristol Zone year, BristolRider* (adult, student and child)

*Dispensed on a travelwest Travelcard
**Available on paper or a travelwest Travelcard


Published date25/11/2021Published time20:00

We recommend you wear a face covering on your bus, unless you’re exempt. Please also keep windows open at all times to help with ventilation.


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Please note that all metrobus services are diverted due to this closure. Alternative stopping arrangements can be found on the page as well as the diversion routes. LP #twbus

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