Major Updates

Better Bus Area

Hotwell Road (A4) to Bristol City Centre

 Informal Consultation from Monday 10th July to Friday 28th July 2017


What is proposed?

Bristol City Council is proposing to improve the A4 Hotwell Road/Anchor Road, one of eight corridors within the

Better Bus Fund area (BBAF2). Proposals include comprehensive improvements to existing bus routes as part of the West of England’s Joint Local Transport Plan.

The proposals aim to improve journey times, reliability and reduce pollution by making bus travel easier and more attractive, while also improving safety and the environment for other road users, local residents and businesses.

The works are funded by the Department for Transport using Bus Service Operator Grant (BSOG) and Cycling Ambition Fund (CAF2) capital funding; and will build upon the transport improvements completed as part of the Greater Bristol Bus Network.

The proposed improvements include:

The traveling environment

  • New and extended bus lanes.
  • Upgraded traffic signals to allow priority for buses.
  • Parking and loading restrictions to support bus priorities and assist traffic flow.
  • Improvements to traffic signals and approach lanes.
  • Improved signage.
  • CCTV for monitoring traffic flows.

Bus stop infrastructure

  • Bus stop upgrades (at some stops).

Cycle facilities

  • Additional advisory cycle lanes.
  • Advance Stop Lines.
  • Junction improvements and Toucan crossings for cyclists.
  • Additional cycle stands in more central areas.

Pedestrian facilities

  • Improved pedestrian crossings.
  • Tactile paving to mark out designated crossing points.
  • Kerb build-outs to improve safety at junctions.
  • Removal of old street furniture to clear pedestrian routes.

The consultation leaflet highlights the following proposals:

Inbound bus lanes

  • A new 24 hour inbound bus lane on Hotwell Road commencing after the junction with Joy Hill and ending just before Clifton Vale.
  • A new AM/PM peak hour inbound bus lane commencing after Ambra Vale and ending on the approach to Jacobs Wells Roundabout.
  • An extended inbound 24 hour bus lane along Anchor Road just after Jacobs Wells Roundabout heading towards the city centre.

Outbound bus lanes

  • An extended 24 hour outbound bus lane on the approach to the Anchor Road bus stops.
  • Extended 24 hour outbound bus lane on Anchor Road on the approach to Canons Way.
  • Extension of the hours of operation of the existing outbound bus lane along Hotwell Road to include AM peak in addition to the existing PM peak operation.

Junction improvements and pedestrian crossings

  • Upgrades to existing traffic signals and pedestrian crossings along Hotwell Road and Anchor Road.
  • Junction improvements for cyclists at Jacobs Wells Roundabout and Canons Road.


Informal consultation

The Council has undertaken initial consultation with bus operators and key stakeholders about the proposals, and is keen to hear the views of local residents and businesses. The consultation leaflet is intended to provide you with basic information about what is proposed so that you can tell us what you think at this stage. The plans are indicative only. Consultation on precise lengths of bus lane and exact locations of parking restriction changes will follow later in the year, as part of the Council’s formal statutory consultation exercise.

For more detailed plans see the consultation drawings attached below.


Send your comments to:

Email: bbaf@bristol.gov.uk

Or Write to:

Infrastructure Team

Sustainable Transport

City Hall

PO BOX 3176



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