Local sustainable transport fund

Sustainable travel measures that support economic growth and reduce carbon.

The Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) was launched in September 2010.The Fund allows local transport authorities outside London to “build on their plans for sustainable travel measures that support economic growth and reduce carbon“.

The West of England councils were awarded nearly £30 million by the Department for Transport from the fund on two separate but integrated projects where employers, schools, colleges and universities encouraged people to try different ways of travelling.

Through the LSTF programme we are bringing in more than £20million of match funding, with £12million external to the four councils.

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The three themes

The WEST projects (West of England Sustainable Travel) are a set of 10 projects designed to stimulate growth and tackle carbon under three themes:

Stimulating growth in priority areas: tacking congestion to get business and our economy moving.

Connected and thriving centres: completing end to end journeys with rural and urban travel options to help people travel sustainably.

Transitions to a low carbon lifestyle: Training skills and securing long term benefits; encouraging people to change travel behaviour is more likely to be effective if it is done at times of other change in peoples lives; such as moving to secondary school, starting a job or going to college, arriving at university, or moving house.

Further funding

In December 2013 the Government announced that a further £78.5 million of revenue funding was to be available across the country for more LSTF projects in 2015/16. Councils have to go through a competitive bidding process to be granted any funds.The bids need to link to the Government commitment to bring about a step change in cycling, and as with the WEST project, core objectives are carbon reduction and supporting economic growth. The guidance states that a strong emphasis needs to be placed on measures that assist with the delivery of the Government’s Door to Door strategy.

A joint West of England wide bid was submitted on 31 March 2014 for £4million of funding for 2015/16 as part of a wider £9.5million project.  A decision on the bid is expected in July.

2014 Bid documents

Application form Download pdf PDF approximately 5.58 M Value for money report section 1 – 7 Download pdf PDF approximately 2.05 M Value for money report section 8 figs 8.1. to 8.6 Download pdf PDF approximately 6.48 M Value for money report section 8 figs 8.7 to end Download pdf PDF approximately 6.48 M Value for money report section 8 summary table 8.2 Download pdf PDF approximately 81.54 K Value for money report section 9 Download pdf PDF approximately 97.37 K Value for money report Annex 1 and B Download pdf PDF approximately 184.54 K Economic assessment and forecasting report Download pdf PDF approximately 5.07 M

Further information

Headline Information Download pdf PDF approximately 24.8 K Executive Summary Download pdf PDF approximately 7.19 M Strategic Case Download pdf PDF approximately 522.49 K Economic Case Download pdf PDF approximately 5.46 M Financial Case Download pdf PDF approximately 455.44 K Management Case Download pdf PDF approximately 661.22 K Letters of Support Download pdf PDF approximately 7.45 M