Bristol School Streets

We are trialling School Streets in Bristol as part of our plans to improve road safety, encourage active travel to and from school and improve the air quality and environment outside of schools.

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What is School Streets?

School Streets has been introduced by local authorities across the UK. The scheme transforms roads directly outside of schools, removing motor vehicles so that only pedestrians and cyclists can gain access at school start and finish times.

We are working with schools and their local communities to create a more pleasant environment for everyone, while ensuring residents, businesses, pedestrians and cyclists can still use the road.

Bristol School Streets aims to:

  • Reduce the volume of traffic around the school gates
  • Improve road safety for pupils
  • Encourage more pupils to walk, scoot or cycle to school
  • Improve the air quality and environment at the school gates making it a more pleasant space for everyone

How it works

The street(s) around a school temporarily become a ‘School Street zone’ for pedestrians and cyclists during short periods at the beginning and end of the school day. Vehicles are not allowed to enter the street between these times unless they have been granted an exemption.

Exemptions will be granted to residents and businesses living or working within the zone so they can still move freely. Special exemptions will also be granted to blue badge holders.

There will be clear signage to inform drivers that they are entering a School Streets zone. The zone will be enforced and motor vehicles entering the zone without an exemption permit could be issued with a fine.

Active trials

From February 2020 we have been piloting the scheme at two schools, with plans to roll this out to more schools across the city in the future.

The schools involved are:

We will monitor and assess the impact of School Streets before deciding whether this should be made permanent.