Cycle Ambition Fund: Bristol North to South Route

Linking Broadmead to Cumberland Road through the city centre from North to South.

Bristol has been awarded additional funding from the UK government to upgrade walking and cycling routes across the city. £19m has been allocated for projects from 2015 to 2018 in the Bristol area.

One of these routes is the North South Route, which links Broadmead to Cumberland Road and South Bristol.  Improving facilities for pedestrians and cyclists to make this route a safe and enjoyable route to provide people with a better, healthier, alternative for transport.

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Now completed

All the Cycle Ambition Fund projects are now completed in Bristol. This page serves as an archive of the work done.

Nelson Street

The Nelson Street corridor will have a package of improvements rolled out starting winter 2017 to be completed by summer 2018. This will include:

  • Building out the footway to bring the existing contraflow cycleway off the road level
  • Speed table to slow traffic on Quay Street – which is now two-way
  • Public realm improvements to enhance the setting and improve accessibility around St John’s church
  • Additional cycle parking

It is also hoped to reduce general traffic movements by making Bridewell Street one-way in from Rupert Street only with contraflow cycle lane, but this is subject to statutory consultation.

The Centre

The Centre is being completely redesigned through the Metrobus project to reduce general traffic movements and prioritise public transport, walking and cycling. The works include:

  • A new segregated cycleway from Quay Street to Anchor Road. This will connect to the existing route up Park Street and with the new cycleway along Baldwin Street.
  • Pedestrians and cyclists being separated at key crossings to reduce the potential for conflict.
  • Colston Street has been made a one-way bus only link, allowing National Cycle Route 4 to be taken off-road as a delineated route through an enhanced pedestrian

Works are well under way with completion due Autumn 2017.

BROAd Quay

Crossing The Centre to Broad Quay is the busiest section of the north-south route, passing through one of the City’s most popular destinations . The works include:

  • Removal of the ramp and lowering the retaining wall to create a viewing platform over the Harbour and more space for pedestrians and cyclist to share more comfortably
  • Reprofiling the levels, repaving and decluttering the space
  • New controlled crossing in the middle of Broad Quay
  • Improved bus stops
  • Creation of a delineated cycle route through the space to join Prince Street to Anchor Road crossing

Prince Street

The Prince Street corridor will have a package of improvements to prioritise public transport, walking and cycling. The works include:

  • Segregated cycle route along west side of Prince Street
  • Footways repaved and decluttered
  • Reconfiguring of Farrs Lane toucan crossing to separate pedestrians and cyclists as they cross on the Brunel Mile
  • Construction of new Metrobus stop at Thunderbolt Square
  • New tree and shrub planting
Prince Street Drawing 1 Download pdf PDF approximately 843.97 K Prince Street Drawing 2 Download pdf PDF approximately 775.69 K

Prince Street bridge, Farrs Lane and Narrow Quay

The area around both ends of Prince Street bridge will have a package of improvements aimed at improving the walking and cycling experience in this sensitive historic environment. The CAF project provided the opportunity to remove vehicular traffic from Farrs Lane and the remaining areas of Narrow Quay , enhancing the city’s leisure offer. The works include:

  • Cutting setts to create wider, smooth cycle and pedestrian routes in key areas
  • Reconfiguration of the deck on Prince Street bridge to reduce conflict between pedestrians and cyclists
  • Widening of footway outside Arnolfini
  • Resurfacing the main carriageway
  • Southbound only general traffic over the bridge

Wapping Road

Wapping Road will have a package of improvements that will link the newly improved cycle route on the north side of the New Cut to the City Centre at Bathurst roundabout.  This includes:

  • Creation of a new segregated cycle route
  • Repaving of footways

The Traffic Regulation Orders to facilitate this scheme are due to be advertised summer 2017. Construction is expected to start Winter 2017 subject to the statutory consultation.

Permission has also been granted for the demolition of the old gaol wall at the southern junction with Cumberland Road. These works will be undertaken by Umberslade, the developer of Wapping Wharf. This will provide significant additional space to bring pedestrians and cyclists safely through this busy junction. The associated public realm works will be delivered by the developer.