A series of short one-page summaries focusing on aspects of school travel.

The benefits of active travel to school are many and varied and the 1 page summaries attempt to capture many of these. There are, however, barriers to active travel to school and some of these are addressed and identified as culturally constructed, perhaps social norms, or requiring other types of intervention such as traffic management.

It is hoped that these summaries will be of value to all those interested or involved in advocating for more school journeys to be made actively. The ultimate goals include improving child health, creating positive social norms and increasing local social capital, and contributing to de-carbonisation of the road transport sector as is required in order to help stabilise global average temperatures to no more than 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels.

Think global – act local!

School Travel Toolbox No 1 – A Healthy School Journey Download pdf

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Air Quality

Urban Rural school air quality Download pdf School Travel Plans and Air Quality Download pdf Inside and outside of vehicles exposure Download pdf Impacts of air pollution on learning Download pdf Anti-idling near schools Download pdf Proximity to emissions for children School location Download pdf Air Pollution on school journey & route change information Download pdf No 4 – Childhood Asthma and Traffic Pollution Download pdf


No 5 – Speed of Drivers in Presence of Child Pedestrians Download pdf No 6 – Blaming Children for Child Pedestrian Injuries Download pdf No 7 – School Based Driver Education Download pdf

Academic Performance & Cognitive Development

No 3 – Children's Physical Activity and Academic Performance Download pdf No 10 – Green Spaces and Cognitive Development in Primary School Children Download pdf

Walking, Scooting and Cycling

No 8 – Effectiveness of School Crossing Patrols Download pdf No 11 – Do Interventions to Increase Walking Work? Download pdf No 12 – Walking Buses Download pdf No 15 – The Effectiveness of Cycle Training Download pdf

Safe Routes & Travel Plans

No 13 – Effectiveness of Active School Transport Interventions Download pdf No 14 – Children's Voices in School Travel Planning Download pdf No 16 – Safe Routes to Schools in Europe Download pdf No 17 – California Safe Routes to Schools Download pdf No 18 – Making School Travel Plans Work Download pdf

Physical Activity

No 2 – Children's Independent Mobility Download pdf No 9 – After School Physical Activity and the Importance of Outdoor Play with Friends Download pdf No 19 – Active Travel and Risk of Other Physical Activity Loss Download pdf