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4 Good reasons to download Bus Checker

A ‘must-have’ for anyone who uses buses in the West of England – it tells you WHEN the next bus is due to arrive and WHERE it’s going!
1. Explore routes in detail

It’s the only bus map you’ll ever need. Plan your journeys in advance using the detailed 3D bus route maps – find the nearest bus stop and the right bus route, to get you where you need to be and back again.

2. Real-time information

No more waiting in the rain! You can see live (and scheduled) arrival times for every bus stop in the West of England – check whether your bus is running late or if you’ve missed it.

Data is provided by official Traveline feeds, so you know it’s accurate.

3. Organise your favourites

Personalise your Bus Checker by saving your regular bus stops. Rename them and put them in order of importance to you, so you can access them quickly.

4. Powerful search tools

Search a full local database of road names, postcodes and towns.  With so many ways to search, you’re sure to find what you need.  Simply tap on bus numbers to filter your results.

Any problems?  

Click here for BusChecker app support.

Download Travelwest Bus Checker

What if I can't install the app, or don't wish to install an app on my mobile device?

If you can’t install the app for technical reasons (i.e. incompatible device), or if you just don’t want to install another app on your mobile device, visit our Travelwest Web App. All you need is a browser.

Other mobile apps

There are more mobile apps available each year which provide bus real time information. Just visit the app store from your mobile device and do a search of, for example, “bus real times”.

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