How to Catch a Bus Video

  • [low beat music]

    [Bus service 6 to Kingswood drives past. The side of the bus reads “How to catch a bus”]

    [at the park]

    Beth: I really hope David gets his job.

    [David exiting a door with a sign above it reading Park Cafe]

    Beth: Oh it will be so exciting.

    [David arrives at the park]

    Beth: Well, did you get it?

    David: I got a job!

    Beth: Yay! [hugs David]

    David: Alright, alright! You’re crushing me! Get off!

    Beth: Well done. Now, how will you get there?

    David: You could drive me.

    [Beth laughs]

    Beth: Hoo! I can’t drive.

    Beth: You have to get the bus.

    David: What? Oh no… What? Oh no…

    Beth: David, it’s OK. I’ll show you… [puts hand on David’s shoulder]

    Beth: Ok, come on. [both walk away together]

    [road scene with bus service number 43 approaching]

    Beth: Let’s check out where we are and the bus stop.

    [on a street near a bus stop]

    Beth: So this is the bus stop you need to get off, for work. [points at bus stop]

    Beth: There’s the cafe. [points at the cafe]

    Beth: And there’s the bus stop you need to go home from OK? [points at bus stop on the other side of the road]

    David: Yes.

    [traffic noises, both start walking away from the bus stop]

    [standing in front of a library]

    David: But how will I know when to get off the bus?

    Beth: So here’s the library, [points at library building]

    Beth: up there is the bus stop. [points down the road]

    Beth: When you see the library, you need to press the bell [makes hand gesture]

    Beth: and it will give you enough time to get off at your stop, OK?

    [David nods in agreement]

    David: What bus do I catch?

    David: How much do I pay the driver?

    David: What if I get on the wrong bus and end up in Spain?

    [Beth laughs]

    Beth: Spain! Oh I wish…

    Beth: It’s OK relax, I can show you.

    [both walk towards the library]

    [all sitting at a desk] Library assistant: So you’re all logged in now?

    Beth: Yes.

    Library assistant: Great, we’re just over at the desk if you need any more assistance.

    Beth: Thank you.

    Beth: What’s your address?

    David: Tenniscourt Road.

    [Beth typing Tenniscourt Road into a journey planner on the computer screen]

    Beth: And where are you going to?

    David: Spain. [smiles]

    Beth: [laughing] Spain?!

    [Beth laughs]

    Beth: That’s a long way isn’t it?

    Beth: [typing] I think I’ll write Park Cafe, Civic Centre, in Kingswood, yes?

    Beth: You’ve got several choices of bus routes but I think for you the number 43 is the easiest.

    [road scene with bus 43 approaching]

    Beth: You can get this bus from the Tennis Court Inn.

    Beth: You known where it is, don’t you?

    [both walking towards a bus stop with people waiting]

    David: Yes, I do.

    Paul: What are you doing here?

    David: I’ve got a new job, I’m catching the bus to work.

    Beth: And it’s his first time.

    Paul: Oh OK. Which number?

    David: 43

    Paul: Ah…

    Beth: And don’t forget your money…

    David: Oh yes money. [pats bag]

    Paul: I’ll catch the bus for you.

    Paul: You put your arm like this.

    [low beat music, Paul stretches both arms towards the road]

    [David turns towards the road and stretches his arm]

    [Bus number 43 arriving at the bus stop]

    [Both men holding their arm out towards the road and bus heading to the bus stop]

    [The bus reaches the bus stop and slows down, both men lower their arms]

    [From inside the bus we can see the door opening and everyone starts boarding the bus]

    Paul: Alright, mate?

    Bus driver: Morning Paul.

    Paul: How’s it going?

    Bus driver: Fine, thank you.

    [Paul pays for the bus fare, bus driver hands him his ticket]

    Paul: Thank you.

    [Paul and bus driver nod to each other]

    Bus driver [to David]: Morning.

    David: Morning, can I have a Day Rider please?

    Bus driver: [typing in ticket machine] £4 please.

    David: There you go. [puts money on shelf]

    [bus driver types into ticket machine, paper ticket is printed and driver picks it up]

    Bus driver: There we go. Thank you. [hands ticket to David]

    Beth: Morning.

    Bus driver: Morning.

    [Beth holds travelcard to the ticket machine]

    [bus driver picks up paper ticket and hands it to Beth]

    Bus driver: Ok. Thank you.

    [Beth and David sitting down]

    Beth: Keep your ticket safe, you’ll need it to get home.

    David: What’s that? [image shows an orange card holder, Beth opens it]

    Beth: It’s my bus pass.

    David: Can I get one?

    Beth: Yeah, you can get one from the Council.

    David: I will do that then.

    Beth: Good.

    [bus driver checks everyone is sitting down and starts driving]

    [bus leaving the bus stop]

    [low beat music]

    Woman on bus: Being able to catch the bus is great, it gives me independence.

    Interviewer [off screen]: Do you travel by bus?

    Man on bus: Yes, I do. [smiles]

    Interviewer [off screen]: And do you like it?

    Man on bus: Yes. [smiles]

    Man on bus 2: I have been using the bus for four years. I use it to get to work and I like doing it. [smiles]

    Woman on bus 2: I get the bus to go shopping and to visit my friends.

    Man on bus 3: I catch the bus to go to the gym. Check this out! [flexes arm muscle and smiles, man behind him covers his mouth and laughs]

    Man on bus 4: I’ve got this great app on my smart phone. It tells me where I am and when exactly my next stop is coming up.

    Man on bus 5: Catching the bus can be really confusing at first but if you catch it a few times, it can be really easy.

    [low beat music]

    [Beth and David sitting next to each other on the moving bus]

    David: [pointing outside] Oh look, there’s the library.

    Beth: Press the bell then.

    [David starts to get up, Beth holds his harm]

    Beth: No, no, sit down. You’ve got to wait for the bus driver to stop otherwise you’ll go flying.

    David: Yes, good idea Beth.

    [bus arriving at bus stop]

    [David and Beth get up from their seats to exit the bus]

    [Beth gets off the bus and turns around to look inside]

    [David gets off the bus and joins Beth, they both walk away from the bus]

    [menu of Park Cafe]

    Narrator: One week later…

    [Beth enters Cafe, David is wiping down a table, there are people sitting on other tables]

    Beth: Hello, David. [smiling]

    David: Oh Beth!

    [Beth and David hug]

    David: I owe you a coffee.

    Beth: Oh, thank you.

    David: Sit down, I’ll bring it to you now.

    Beth: [sitting down] Lovely.

    [David pouring coffee in a mug]

    [David walks toward the table where Beth is sitting, carrying a mug and a small plate with a cupcake]

    Beth: Thank you, David.

    David: You’re welcome.

    Beth: So how was your first week on the buses?

    David: [smiling] It was great Beth, it was a piece of cake.

    Beth: Oh good.

    David: Get it? It’s a joke. It means it was easy. It means it was a piece of cake.

    Beth: I know.

    David: You didn’t laugh loud enough. Shall we do it again? It was a piece of cake.

    Beth: Oh just give me the cake!


    [David sets the cupcake down on the table]

    [image changes to cupcake, with a star shaped icing top which says “Thank You” in orange letters]

    Thank you to: Brandon Trust Learning Disabilities; Living a live; Park Cafe; First; Misfits; for their help in making this film.

    [Image changes to David and another man in a kitchen putting cupcakes on a tray]

    [Image changes to group video of everyone]

    David: Catching the bus is…

    All: a piece of cake!

    A Redweather production for Travelwest

1. Ask a friend to help you. You can also ask your council for help:

2. Plan your journey with the help of your friend.

3. Find out what time your bus arrives at the stop. Be there a few minutes before.

4. Take some money to buy a ticket. If you have a learning disability you may be able to get a free bus pass from your council:

5. Find your nearest bus stop. Ask a friend to go with you and show you the way.

6. When you see the bus, hold your arm out. This will let the bus driver know that you want the bus to stop.

7. Tell the driver where you would like to go. The driver will tell you how much you need to pay and give you a ticket.

You can also use your bus pass if you have one (see 4. above).

8. Sit down and enjoy the ride. Keep your ticket or bus pass safe. Do not lose it.

9. If you are not sure where to get off, ask the driver.

10. Press the bell if your bus stop is the next one. Remember to press the bell before arriving at the bus stop so the driver has time to stop.

11. Wait until the bus stops before getting up to go out.

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