Major Updates

There are more than 16,500 public charge point connectors across the UK, one of the biggest networks in Europe.

The West of England contains approximately 150 public use charge points and this is growing, thanks to the Go Ultra Low West project which will be installing over 120 new charge points. You can use this interactive map to find your nearest public charging point, wherever you are in the country. No convenient charge point? You can suggest a location or look at grants towards a charging point for home or work.

Source West is a regional network of electric vehicle charge points operated by Charge Your Car on behalf of local councils in the area who have set up the network (Bristol, South Gloucestershire, North Somerset and Bath and North East Somerset).

Publicly accessible charge points that make up the Source West network are currently operated by Charge Your Car. New users are required to register and pay an annual subscription, however we are about to make changes to the network, including how to register and access the charge points.

Existing Source West and Charge Your Car members can continue to use the charge points as normal for the time being. Regardless of which Charge Your Car access method is used, if a tariff is in force at a charge point, the relevant tariff will be payable by the user.

We will make further announcements in July 2019 regarding how to access charge points in the future and about expansion to the network.

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