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Are you a community leader or organisation who would like to help get the people you work with travelling more actively?

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How we can work with you

Here are some examples of our offers and we will work with you to organise how best to bring this to your community:

Bike maintenanceWe can bring our Dr Bike mechanic to your community at no charge to the organisation or individual. The goal is to run regular sessions at community centres that can be viewed and booked online
Bike maintenance coursesTo train up your community organisation’s staff and volunteers to help residents.
Cycle trainingFor individuals and small groups to improve cycling skills and confidence regardless of ability (beginners to advanced sessions are available). Check your Local Authority’s current offers.
Led rides Go on rides with an experienced ride leader to encourage healthy and fun daytrips.
Ride leader trainingTo encourage your community group to safely lead more of its own rides in future.
Bicycle security markingSessions in your community, adding bicycles to the UK’s Police-approved database BikeRegister in case they are stolen.
Cycle parking For your venue.
Free bike hire To encourage people to try standard and electric bikes.
Information on joining or creating walking and cycling groups.For example, Walking for Health groups; or how to organise a ‘Walking bus’ to schools, shops or play areas.
Roadshow stallTo promote our offers to individuals at our venue/event/ to visit our neighbourhood (currently on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions, but we can attend your online meetings to tell people about our offers).
Personal Travel Planning SessionsFree session can help people identify new routes and types of transport to try. Often available at Roadshow events (above) or organised through your Authority’s Sustainable Travel officer.
Electric Vehicle information SessionFree phone conversation with our Electric Vehicle expert, either 1:1 or group session via virtual meeting. To answer any questions you have, tell you about the latest grants available and signpost you to trusted information sources.
Find out about Car clubs and car sharing.

Promote our offers to residents

Here are some free offers to individual residents, for the full list visit Individual Support page.

Personal travel planningHelp to look at all options the regular journeys with our free Journey Planning service (currently offered to individuals over the phone or virtual meeting).
Bike loans to individualsBorrow a bike for free to try cycling before you buy. We can loan you a hybrid or folding bike for up to 1 month, or an electric bike for up to 2 weeks. At busy times waiting lists may apply.
Electric Vehicle Demo LoanLoan one of our demo vehicles for two-weeks, and experience living with an EV for your everyday travel needs. This is a free service; the only expense to you is in charging the car with electricity.

For businesses

We also have offers to help your business or organisation reap the benefits of travelling actively, including a workplace audit and travel planning, try out electric pool bikes to get to meetings and grants. Please see our offers to businesses or more information.

Community Active Travel Grants (Bristol & North Somerset only)

North Somerset has match-funded Active Travel Grants of up to £3,000 available (up to 50% match-funding. Grants could help provide cycle parking, bike mechanics courses, ride leader training and much more.

If you work in the community and have a great idea that will benefit your group or your premises, contact us for an application form.

Bristol supports local projects that aim to increase levels of walking and cycling as well as mobilise the skills of local people, such as community bike loans, cycle training and walking trails. We’ll also work with you to bring our current offers in the best way for the people you work with.

If you are a community group or organisation get in touch to tell us about your project idea.

Contact us

For other enquiries and to feedback on our services, please get in touch using the contact form below.