a modern public transport system for the greater Bristol area

metrobus adopts ‘buy before you board‘ ticketing and limited stopping at key destinations for faster boarding and shorter journey times.

Distinctive metrobus stops feature iPoints, which allow passengers to buy tickets, plan journeys and view live running information for onward services.

metrobus m2
Modern, environmentally-friendly vehicles, have free on-board WiFi and USB charging ports. Plus, an extra set of doors to make it easier to get on and off.
  • All metrobus stops have an iPoint at the stop, or nearby. An iPoint is a combined ticket and information point, which can be used to purchase tickets, plan journeys in the Bristol region and view live running information for all onward services that serve the stop. As well as metrobus services, tickets can also be purchased for use on most services in the Bristol region.

    If you have a travelwest Travelcard, you can top it up or collect tickets purchased online at the iPoint.

    You can find more information, here.

  • metrobus services use a combination of high quality and environmentally-friendly Euro 6 diesel and biogas vehicles. A Euro 6 engine emits fewer emissions than the average diesel Euro 6 car despite having up to 20 times more capacity. The latest generation of Euro 6 buses emit 95 per cent fewer nitrogen oxide emissions than the previous generation of buses.

    All of this means that metrobus is helping to significantly improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions in the Bristol area.

    All metrobus vehicles have twin doors which speed up journey times by minimising the time spent at stops. The twin doors also make it quicker and easier for people to get on and off, especially those with reduced mobility and parents with pushchairs.

    metrobus vehicles are designed to be accessible for all passengers with spacious entrances and exits, low floors and wide corridors and there is also more leg room than a regular bus.

    All metrobus vehicles have free on-board WiFi and USB charging ports, so you can charge your phone whilst surfing the web on the move!

  • metrobus has made it easier for everyone to get around the greater Bristol area, however you travel.

    We have built new roads in the city centre, south Bristol and north Bristol to speed up journeys for all vehicles and remove traffic from residential roads.

    We’ve created new and improved walking and cycling routes to make it easier and safer to travel on foot or by bike.

    We’ve improved traffic flows at existing junctions and widening roads so that new bus lanes don’t take away space from other traffic.

    We’ve also created improved public spaces in the city centre, including a more fitting environment for the Cenotaph.

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Published date24/02/2021Published time16:02

Service Update – m1 16.00 24th Feb The m1 is currently unable to serve Inns Court due to an incident. Buses are diverting via Hartcliffe Way and Hengrove Way. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. ^ab


Published date19/02/2021Published time12:02

TRAVEL UPDATES ALL metrobus services. There will be diversions/changes on all services over the next few days due to roadworks. m1- Parsons St area; m2 Cumberland Road closure and m3/m3x lyde green park and ride stop diversion. Information to follow. Tweet 1/4 LP

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