Cycle Ambition Fund: Bristol

Malago & Filwood Quietways, Easton Safer Streets, Cycling & Walking Bugbears, and much more…

As part of a long-term strategy of investment in the West of England in transport infrastructure, building on previous successes developed through central government funded initiatives such as Cycling City and Local Sustainable Transport Fund; a new range of cycling and walking networks are being planned using the Cycling Ambition Fund.

This involves a combination of improving existing routes and revitalising streets, addressing barriers to cycling and walking such as busy roads, and overcoming the impact of cities topography such as crossing rivers and avoiding steep hills enabling us to provide better door-to-door journeys.

Now completed

All the Cycle Ambition Fund projects are now completed in Bristol. The below pages serve as an archive of the work done.

Other projects

Bristol Legible Network

As part of the Cycle Ambition Fund, cycling signage throughout the City Centre will be improved as well as a refresh of sign on the city’s radial routes. Legibility on new routes will be a priority to ensure that they are as user friendly as possible.

To ensure that this focus is maintained there will also be an updated Cycling Signage Strategy created for Bristol.