Major Updates

Other projects

East to West Route

This route will link the Railway Path to the city centre, linking Old Market Road via Redcross Street and Braggs Lane, improving the Castle Park route for cyclists and pedestrians and extending the cycleway on Baldwin Street.

Cattle Market Road

As part of greater improvement and links to the Arena, this route will include a two way cycle lane, new lighting under the railway, additional width to the footway and a one-way system into the Arena. A detailed design of the new St Phillips Footbridge and improvements to the nearby River Avon path has been funded by the Cycling Ambition Fund, which will be paid for through other funding.

North to South Route

Linking Commercial Road and Fairfax St via Prince Street & Nelson Street. These works will improve the street scene of this busy cycling route for pedestrians and cyclists with segregated routes and improved links to the City Centre.

Bristol Legible Network

As part of the Cycle Ambition Fund, cycling signage throughout the City Centre will be improved as well as a refresh of sign on the city’s radial routes. Legibility on new routes will be a priority to ensure that they are as user friendly as possible.

To ensure that this focus is maintained there will also be an updated Cycling Signage Strategy created for Bristol.

We’ll add more information once available for:

  • Conham Gap
  • Rownham Mead
  • Anchor Road
  • Poole’s Wharf

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