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Major Updates

Bus services on South Bristol Link

We fully expect a future Metrobus service, alongside the Airport Flyer and the current Bath Airdecker, will use the South Bristol Link. MetroBus has been designed to be a commercial service that is operated without council subsidy. The public transport infrastructure the councils have built along the South Bristol Link will allow bus operators to run a commercial service as soon as housing development has taken place.

The South Bristol Link is doing what it was designed to do. It has removed traffic from unsuitable residential roads, reduced journey times and improved transport links for residents and businesses in south Bristol. Buses are already benefitting from quicker journey times thanks to the new road and reduced traffic in other areas.

Where high quality sustainable transport options, like Metrobus, are integrated into housing development at the planning stage or at the time of major investment they are well-used. It is much more difficult to ‘retro-fit’ sustainable transport into a development as travel habits will have already been established.

Construction has nearly finished on 82 homes in Imperial Park and Barratt Homes are about to start building 150 new homes on Filwood Green, an area of open land between Creswicke Road and Hengrove Way. Bristol City Council are planning for 2000 homes on the site of the old Whitchurch Airport and expects the first residents will be in the new homes by the end of 2020. Direct connections to the Metrobus network are included in the plans for each of the new housing developments.

Making sure that high quality public transport infrastructure is in place before housing means that people who move into these new developments are more likely to use the bus. Planning sustainable transport options as an integral part of development from the start can lead to healthier and happier communities where people have a genuine choice about how they get around.

There are also proposals in the Joint Spatial Plan and Joint Local Transport Plan for a new Park and Ride site on the South Bristol Link near the A38. Buses serving this proposed Park and Ride would use the South Bristol Link and serve the communities on it.

Bus services already using the South Bristol Link

The Airdecker bus service that runs between Bath, Keynsham and Bristol Airport has been using the South Bristol Link since it opened in January 2017.

Bristol Airport’s Airport Flyer express bus service will start using the South Bristol Link and the Metrobus busway later this year.

Fact sheets

Find out more about the South Bristol Link and how it was built.

921 Santas cycle the South Bristol Link

921 Santas cycled along the South Bristol Link before it opened to motorists in December 2016. Caring in Bristol, a local charity that look after homeless and vulnerable people in Bristol were collecting donations on the ride. Their volunteer-led projects include recruiting hosts for young and vulnerable people over the festive period.

Watch the Santa Ride video

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