At Travelwest, we’re committed to helping people make more sustainable travel choices.

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Journey Planning

The Travelwest Journey Planner was developed to make travel choices easier. Visit our Journey Planner page to choose how will you be arriving at your next destination.

Get a bike and start pedalling

FREE loan bikes are available for people to give cycling a try without having to commit to buying a new bike. Visit our sister website, Better By Bike, to find out more.

Accompanied rides

We have Travel Advisors who are experienced cyclists who will plan a route, and then cycle it with you showing you any traffic free paths and short cuts they know on the way.  These sessions are all about building the confidence to regularly cycle and familiarising you with the local cycle routes, they are not cycle training.

Cycle training

FREE adult cycle training is available to help you gain confidence and skills to either start cycling or to get back on your bike after a break. You choose where and when is most convenient for you to meet the trainer, and they’ll give you one-to-one tuition based on your individual needs. Visit our sister website, Better By Bike, to find out more.

Better by Bike is a dedicated cycling site, for everything to do with cycling in Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

Find out when your next bus is due to arrive and where it’s going

We can advise you on which bus routes to use to get to your destination, where to find up to date bus information, and get you started using a real time information app.

Car Sharing & Clubs

Car sharing

Sometimes called lift sharing or ride sharing.  Sharing a car has many benefits like shared costs and easier parking. Visit our Car Sharing page.

Car clubs

Like owning a car, but hassle free. For a small annual membership fee, energy-efficient cars can be rented by the hour from many locations in Bristol and Bath. Visit our Car Clubs page.

FREE motorcycle training days

Improve your safety and confidence by learning safe filtering techniques, enhanced observation skills and overall improved riding skills. Click here for more information.