Tips for starting a walking group at work or in Community.

If  a group of people go on a regular walks together then you are a walking group. Do not over complicate it but use this info if yo you are unsure about  what to do? or need to create something a bit more formal.

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Things to consider

Type of group

  • Do you just want to go on a casual stroll or longer walk
  • Is there a theme to your walk: nature, history exploring or urban walking


Type of group will influence this but place poster or info about your group where people congregate most or where most visible. Consider who you are trying to attract

  • Community noticeboard
  • Work intranet
  • local library or shops

Where to walk

Whether a urban walk or more rural location:

  • Try to stay away from main roads: less busy is always better weather a side street or a country path you can then immerse yourself in conversation or your surroundings
  • Include some nature  on your walk- is there a park, or water close by apart from the feeling of wellbeing from being in nature you are almost sure to see some wildlife

Consider the route:

  • circular route(start and finish point the same) allows you
  • Focus destination to go to then everyone can make there way back. end location can be a park or cafe where you can take a picnic

Lastly, consider bus stops, restrooms and terrain, be it hills or steps.

For help planning a route download our route planner below.

Staying safe

There is a template Risk assessment below.

Why Join a walking group

Joining a local walking group is a great way to start exercising and stay motivated. You will also meet new people and discover other places to walk in Bristol.

Most walks are free (you may have to pay bus fare and refreshments) and are designed to accommodate people of various abilities, including complete beginners.

Ramblers Wellbeing Walks

Fun social group for those wanting short walks, new to a walking group or recovering from illness. Ramblers Wellbeing Walks is England’s largest network of health walk groups. There are 30 health walk groups in Bristol.

Ramblers’ wellbeing walks are:

  • regular
  • 90 minutes or shorter
  • easy and accessible to everyone
  • free
  • led by trained volunteers


Group offering Longer and more challenging walks for experienced walkers. They offer a range of walks from short Urban strolls to long countryside walks.

You can try walking for Free.

Membership allows you access to all their walks including the map library and helps the work the charity does across Britain.

Led Walk Risk Assessment

Template to help you risk assess your route.

Led walk risk assessment Download docx

Route Planner

Keep track of the route you follow.

Route planner template Download docx