Small changes with the seasons can make a big difference to your walk.


You’ll need to take a few extra precautions during the winter. For a few months, you’ll be walking in the dark and encountering more challenging weather conditions.

  • Be prepared – check the forecast and dress for the weather
  • Stick to well-lit paths – avoid off-road short cuts
  • Make sure your choice of footwear matches the conditions.(closed footwear for warmth, ridges underneath for grip)
  • Think about investing in walking poles for extra support and stability, and/or ice studs or snow boots to prevent slipping in icy conditions
  • Don’t underestimate the hazards of ice. In very cold weather, it’s best to adjust your route to use gritted pavements and footpaths. Maps of priority gritting routes can be found on your local council website

Gritting maps


For those long summer days. Summer is a great time to explore, days are longer giving you more time to get out and walk to work in the morning or try a longer route on the way home.

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