Could walking be the key to your return to work?


Bristol City Council sustainable transport team used what was supposed to be #bristolwalkfest walk to work day on Wednesday 27th May to highlight some routes if you work in Bristol city centre.

If you live within 3 miles of your work walking is a great way to:

  • Stay active
  • Socially distance
  • Maintain good mental health
  • Get that dose of daily exercise our body needs to maintain healthy lifestyle

We picked 4 routes between South, North and East Bristol to walk into the centre at different points. Please note journey times were for the individual walking the route.

Jump to:

Route 1 South Bristol (2.6 miles)

Filwood community centre to Bedminster East Street and City Hall

Journey Time: 50min

Route 2 North Bristol (3 miles)

Horfield Common to Broadmead Primark

Journey time: 1 hour

Route 3 East Bristol (2.9 miles)

Journey Time: 53 mins

If you would like to discover more of the Frome Valley Walkway, you can download a route leaflet with history and maps of each section:

Route 4 St George to Temple Street (2.6 miles)

(opposite Temple Meads station)

Journey Time: 40 min

Making your walk enjoyable

Not always about the fastest route

  • Small detours to another street , through a park might only add small amount of time to your journey

Eg. If you are planning a walk  from st george to temple meads area the planner will never direct you through the parks even though it is only a 20 second detour.

Even when walking traffic matters (get off the main road)

  • Getting onto a parallel road off main commuter roads make a difference; less noise from traffic, less pollution being breath in.
  • Main roads will have more traffic lights and increase waiting time

Find what helps you switch off.

Just because you are walking to work does not mean the time cannot be spend doing something you enjoy.

  • Walk through a park
  • Walk down a street with interesting buildings
  • Find a podcast to listen to
  • Add a music playlist or audio book to your phone
  • Record some notes for meeting or project or school assignment you might be working on

Find a friend to walk in with (socially distancing obviously)

If you need some advice on walking to work please look at our walk to work tips with advice on making the most of your commute.

Want to know how far you can walk in 10, 20, 30 minutes of your house, or where you park or work? Then try our distance travel map. Yes it does take those hills into account!!