Discover new places and ways to get around in Cheswick.

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Discover the expanse of Stoke Park Estate and the beautiful historic Splatts Abbey Wood. Don your running shoes for a jog around Horfield Common, muck in with Elm Park’s community garden or simply watch the world drift by in the peaceful village centre of Cheswick.

Exploring local places in your new neighbourhood is a great opportunity to try walking and cycling.

But why?

  • Fewer cars on the road help make streets nicer places
  • There’s less pollution, noise and congestion
  • People feel safer, your children are safer
  • With more people out and about, you’ll get to know your neighbours
  • Your street can be transformed into a vibrant place for the community to use, rather than just for passing traffic

Walking and cycling are healthy and cheap alternatives – they’re worth a try!

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Discover Cheswick is your starting point for getting to know the neighbourhood in and around Cheswick, its outdoor spaces, transport links, walking routes and community.

The online map highlights some of the great places and spaces on the doorstep for Cheswick residents, nice local walks and features for getting around. We took recommendations from local people to help new residents get to their neighbourhood and encourage people to get out on foot and by bike. Take a look online at the digital map at where you can also download a PDF version.

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