Helping new residents in South Gloucestershire find the best ways to explore their new neighbourhood

Around Your Way - Get to Know Your Neighbourhood

South Gloucestershire’s new communities are bursting with great places to explore. We provide residents with a range of support to help you get out and about using active and sustainable transport.


Illustrated Discover guides

Our illustrated Discover neighbourhood guides provide an overview of the local green spaces, community facilities, walking and cycling routes and travel options in your area. 

Neighbourhood travel information

Orientate yourself with your local travel options with our neighbourhood travel pages, or read our ‘nutshell’ guide to travel in the West of England area for new residents. 

If your neighbourhood is not listed above please contact us on the details at the bottom of this page, or see our Travel offers and advice page for general advice on travel in the West of England region

Transport investment in South Gloucestershire

The Around Your Way project is funded by the Department for Transport’s Access Fund, one of the many projects being delivered by South Gloucestershire Council to improve transport for residents.

South Gloucestershire Council are working with partners across the West of England to deliver the transport vision and investment set out in the current Joint Local Transport Plan.

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