Henbury rail line: MetroWest Phase 2

The MetroWest Phase 2 project is proposing to re-open the Henbury Line to an hourly spur passenger service and increase train services to Yate to a half-hourly service.

The plans include new rail stations at Henbury, North Filton and Ashley Down. The project is subject to funding and meeting all the regulatory and technical requirements.

A map of the proposed MetroWest Phase 2 network can be viewed below.

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Ashley Down Station

MetroWest Phase 2 Gloucestershire Extension Study

The MetroWest Phase 2 Gloucestershire Extension Study aims to update and enhance the consideration of the potential for MetroWest Phase 2 train services into Gloucestershire from assessments carried out in preparing the Preliminary Business Case. The study can be read below.

MetroWest Phase 2 Gloucestershire Extension Study Download pdf

Henbury Station Location Consultation

Consultation on the location for a new railway station to serve Henbury took place from November 2015 to January 2016.

The consultation asked for views on two options for the location: the ‘East Site’, immediately east of the A4018; and the ‘West Site’, west of the A4018 and east of Station Road (the former station site).

Responses received during the consultation process will inform the decision on which site is taken forward for delivery. Out of the 203 questionnaires received, there is no strong preference for either site, with 41% supporting the West Site and 40% the East Site, with 18% having no preference.

Henbury Station Location Consultation Download pdf

MetroWest Phase 2 Preliminary Business Case

The Preliminary Business Case for Phase 2 went to the West of England’s Joint Transport Board on 17 July 2015.

The Preliminary Business Case includes the GRIP 2 Feasibility Study, all of these files can be found below.

MetroWest Phase 2 Station Study

Phase 2 of MetroWest would provide half-hourly train services to Yate and hourly services on a reopened Henbury Line and possible additional stations on Filton Bank (between Filton Abbey Wood and Stapleton Road stations). If funding and the regulatory and technical requirements are all secured, services could start in May 2021.A study was commissioned to inform the emerging Supplementary Planning Document for the Cribbs-Patchway New Neighbourhood and the technical case for MetroWest Phase 2.

Summary of the study

The stations in scope are Bristol Parkway, Filton Abbey Wood, Patchway and MetroWest Phase 2 proposals for the Henbury Line.The study reviews the role of rail stations as transport interchanges in the Bristol North Fringe in the context of electrification, Filton Bank 4-tracking, MetroWest proposals and planned developments.

Update forecasts of station patronage.

Recommend locations for the stations on the Henbury Line and produce outline costs and design layouts.

Study conclusions

The hierarchy of stations in the North Fringe should start with Parkway, followed by Filton Abbey Wood, then Patchway and the proposed Henbury Line stations.The poor ground conditions adjacent to Charlton Tunnel dictate that new stations should be at Filton North, and Henbury or Henbury East.

Facilities at the existing stations are broadly in-line with rail industry standards, but the council should continue to work with the rail industry to secure improvements when opportunities present themselves.  The new stations would be provided with appropriate bus stop, car parking, cycle stands, platform shelters, RTI and be fully DDA and EqA-compliant.

Full report Download pdf


The cost of Phase 2 is estimated to be £42.3 million (Preliminary Business Case and GRIP Stage 2 Feasibility Study, July 2015).

We anticipate that Phase 2 would be funded by local councils and from 2021 by the Department for Transport’s devolved major scheme funding with additional funding for development costs from the Local Growth Fund.