Information about accessibility and mobility access and travel assistance.

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Accessible stations

National Rail Stations and Destinations webpage has details of accessibly and mobility access for all stations.

Assistance with Travel

If you find getting on and off trains difficult due to difficult mobility, impairment or any other disability, or need a guide to take you around a station, you can book assistance travel with the train operator you are traveling with. You can find details of each operator in our operators and timetable page.

Passenger Assistance App

An app that takes the time and fuss out of requesting assistance when you want to travel. In just a few clicks you can request to book assistance, so every rail journey you take is as stress-free as possible. Trusted technology means you can let station staff know your exact accessibility needs. Independence and flexibility has never been easier.


If you have a disability you may be eligible for a Disabled Persons Railcard.

If you do not have a Railcard and you are blind or partially sighted and travelling with a companion, or if you use a wheelchair, you can get a discount on Anytime tickets.

Train facilities

It can be helpful to have an idea of what facilities are available on board the train. This information is arranged by the train operator. If you are unsure which train operator is running your train you can visit our operators and timetable page.

Mobility Scooters

Train operators have different policies about carrying mobility scooters on trains. Please visit National Rail for more information on mobility scooters.

Further information

The Disabled Persons Railcard website provides lots of useful tips on rail travel for disabled users.