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Our team of expert Travel Advisors will come to your business, and motivate your staff to travel sustainably. A typical event involves 2 Travel Advisors coming to your site, setting up a table with interactive games, maps, information, and promotional material.

Times that work best are over lunch, with the team in a prominent location like a canteen or in the reception area. We also have success with advisors walking around the office beforehand, talking to people at their desks.

This service is entirely free; here is what we do on the day:

  • Personalised route planning. If you need to make a new journey or try a different form of travel we can show you all of your travel options.
  • Up-to-date information on cycling, walking, car share & public transport services.
  • Support to help your staff to explore alternatives to driving to work on their own.
  • Loan bikes. Borrow a bicycle for up to 1 month to try cycling before you buy. We have a range of hybrid, folding and electric bicycles for loan.
  • One to one Adult Cycle Training sessions to improve your skills and ability to cycle confidently.
  • Accompanied rides to find your best route to work and build your confidence.
  • Bus tickets. We have a range of taster tickets to trial traveling to work by bus
  • Promotional giveaways to support sustainable and active travel.

To book a roadshow for your business, contact your local Business Engagement Manager

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