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Bath and North East Somerset Council continues to deliver sustainable travel initiatives that minimise the impact of travel on the environment, improve local air quality and reduce harmful emissions. This year a record number of workplaces participated in the Survey. With our help the first joinmyjourney car share scheme has been launched with others to follow, whilst the nextbike public bike hire scheme in Bath has seen sustained increases in patronage.

However, we recognise that there is more that we can do and your Survey comments will help us to achieve this. So we are working hard to provide other services including:

  • DIY bike maintenance sessions (Bike Kitchen) at a well-equipped workshop with the guidance and support of professionally trained mechanics at the Julian House Bike Workshop
  • offering pool bikes (electric, folding and hybrid) to organisations
  • providing match-funded grants to workplaces to improve their sustainable travel infrastructure


City of Bristol respondents contribute the majority of responses to and comments on the Travel to Work Survey. We’re making sure we pass on the (anonymised) comments where appropriate to teams delivering projects – like Metrobus and our cycling infrastructure teams.

Bus operators will also receive comments about their service, reliability or user experience, with similar communications to Great Western Railways.

Your aggregated responses will also be used to understand the transport picture in Bristol, alongside other measures such as the Quality of Life survey and census data. The responses are also used to give each business a picture of how their staff travels, and how it’s changed day-to-day; a number of businesses use this data to form part of their travel plans, so you may find that your response has a direct effect on your workplace travel.

Looking forward to future Travel to Work Surveys, we hope to be able to use your responses to this year’s to ask better questions in future – questions that make it easier for you to inform transport policy.

This year, 4,000 respondents asked to be part of Bristol’s transport consultations – that’s already a huge plus for citizen engagement and better transport. And it means when the Bristol Transport Plan comes out later this year, those respondents have the opportunity to be part of it.

There are dozens of projects currently going on that the Travel to Work Survey can influence – if you want to know more about current transport projects, head to travelwest.info/projects.

North Somerset

North Somerset Council recognises how Travel to Work Surveys can help larger employers to focus their travel plan work which can currently be supported by the council through the Department for Transport Access Fund for Sustainable Travel and Office for Low Emission Vehicles Funding streams.

Additionally, the results be used to support other North Somerset Council work including:

– the study to consider and assess options to deliver transformative network interventions along the A38 corridor.  This will consider the full range of public transport and non-car modes to ensure we have a robust multi-modal offer along the corridor serving both Bristol and North Somerset communities and businesses including Bristol Airport

–  the Active Travel Strategy, which will be included as a walking and cycling action plan for North Somerset in the next Joint Local Transport Plan for the West of England. Within the strategy there are over 100 proposals many of them will assist in mitigating congestion on the existing highway network and assist in alleviating air pollution problems.

It is hoped that some of the comments received in the survey will be addressed by future highway schemes including:

–  future improvements to Queensway, Weston-super-Mare where we are bidding for funding from the National Productivity Investment Fund
–  the signalisation of West Wick roundabout
–  the introduction of Civil Parking Enforcement at the start of the financial year.
–  the launch of Metrobus from Long Ashton to Bristol.

South Gloucestershire

Over the past few years, there has been an opportunity to add comments to the annual travel to work survey, here are some examples of improvements made or being made that have been raised in past surveys.

  • Metrobus – due to launch in Autumn 2017 with an express service connecting the north fringe with the city centre and South Bristol
  • Walking and Cycling – Aztec West Roundabout, improvements to signage, new cantilevered composite bridge at Bromley Heath, a new totally segregated path for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Electric Car charge points – there is an ongoing project to expand the network of charge points across the region and develop rapid charging hubs at strategic points
  • Car Sharing – 10 Join My Journey sites set up with more launching soon
  • Roads – Challenge Fund, increasing capacity at junctions to accommodate further planned growth at Filton, Stoke Gifford Link
  • Rail – electrification works underway at Filton Bank, Parkway Station and Filton Abbey Wood

Work is also underway on a number of longer-term projects that will address pinchpoints at Gipsy Patch Lane Bridge and Brierly Furlong Bridges; two new rail stations as part of the Cribbs patchway New Neighbourhood development and increased services to Yate (MetroWest Phase 2); MetroBus extension to link Parkway and Cribbs through Filton Airfield, the completion of the final stages of the Yate Spur extension of the Bristol to Bath cycle path and initial works to develop an A38 cycle route to connect Thornbury with the north fringe amongst other things.

We will continue working closely with North Bristol SusCom to identify and potentially deliver solutions to some of the issues identified. Where possible, we will endeavour to share comments related to specific locations, services or items of infrastructure with the relevant operator or local authority.

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