National Productivity Investment Fund (NPIF)

As part of the Autumn Statement 2016 the Government announced the creation of a National Productivity Investment Fund (NPIF) worth in total £23bn.

On the 6th April the government invited Local Authorities to bid for a share of this funding for schemes meeting the core aims of the fund to:

  1. Ease congestion and provide upgrades on important national, regional or local routes
  2. Unlock economic and job creation opportunities
  3. Enable the delivery of new housing developments

The West of England Combined Authority (WECA) councils (inc. Bristol) have applied for funding. Bristol has also submitted a separate bid to the same competition.

More information about these bids can be found below.

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WECA bid summary

Proposed upgrade and enhancement of a number of traffic signal junctions in the West of England Combined Authority (WECA) area. The aim of these works is to reduce congestion and provide safer pedestrian crossing facilities. There will be the opportunity to replace other end of life assets thereby reducing the burden of ongoing maintenance revenue costs for each authority.

Bid Documents

Application form Download pdf Impact Pro Forma Download xls

Economic Case

ASTv2 Download xlsx Technical Note Download pdf


Equality Impact Relevance Check June 2017 Download docx

Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart Download mpp

Letter LEP

Jcn Improvements 2017-06-29 Download pdf

Letter MP

Strategic Radial Route Improvement Scheme KM letter of support Download pdf


Traffic Signal Enhancement Organogram roles Download pdf

Risk Management Strategy

Risk Management Strategy Download docx

WECA Ranking Note

2017-06-28 MCA Download pdf

Bristol bid summary

Bristol’s Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone (TQEZ) is expected to accommodate 17,000 jobs, a 12,000 seat arena and 2,500 housing units. The project aims to; facilitate public transport penetration into the area; provide high quality pedestrian/cycle links; and improve junction layouts thereby reducing congestion and unlocking employment and housing sites.

Application form Download pdf Appendix 1 – Proposed works location plan Download pdf Appendix 2 – Project Impact Pro-Forma Download xls Appendix 3 – Technical note Download pdf Appendix 4 – Appraisal Summary Table Download xlsx Appendix 5 – Project Plan Download pdf Appendix 6 – QRA Download pdf Appendix 7 – Risk Management Strategy Download pdf Appendix 8 – WECA Ranking Note 2017-06-28 Download pdf Appendix 9a – Letter of support – Local Enterprise Partnership Download pdf Appendix 9b – Letter of Support – University of Bristol Download pdf Appendix 9c – Letter of support – First West of England Download pdf Appendix 9d – Letter of Support – Engine Shed Download pdf Appendix 9e – Letter of support – Kerry McCarthy MP Download pdf Appendix 9f – Letter of Support – Karin Smyth MP Download pdf