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These grants are 100% funded by Bristol City Council: the intention is that these grants will allow you to undertake small sustainable transport initiatives that make a big difference, where funding would be impossible to find from your organisation. The maximum funding available is £250.

Small grants can be used to:

  • Run your own Active Challenge. You can use the £250 to purchase prizes and incentives. Click the link to download a template and advice on how to run a successful challenge.
  • Hold an Active Breakfast, to reward people who walk or cycle to work on a specific day. You can use the grant to purchase breakfast goods or pay for active travellers to receive a free coffee and croissant at the staff canteen. Why not book our roadshow team to come and talk to staff about their journey and help encourage even more people to walk and cycle to work.
  • Install cycle parking worth £250 or less.
  • Run additional Dr Bike sessions. We offer each business one Dr Bike session free per year to encourage people to start cycling and maintain the behaviour of existing cyclists.
  • Or any other initiative that supports staff using sustainable transport or keeping active.

To apply for a grant, please fill out the form below with as much information as possible.

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