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Major Updates

All of our support is currently free, to dicuss how it works, or how you can utilise our services please contact us

Workplace Travel Audit

Designed to give you a better understanding of your organisations strengths and weaknesses in relation to sustainable travel. With your input we will run a desk based assessment of how your site currently operates, and produce a report for your organisation identifying key areas for improvement. This is ideal for businesses that do not have an existing travel plan, as will provide a baseline of where you are at, a guide for where to go next, and can be used to monitor future improvements.

Electric pool bikes

Whizz to your meetings and sign up to borrow an e-bike for your business today! The bike can be used for business meetings, trying your commute, and even deliveries as we now have 2 bikes fitted with a large trailer! This is a great opportunity for a business to try before you buy, and see if a pool bike would be a worthwhile investment. We’ve loaned over 120 bikes to date, clocking up over 20,000 miles. Over half the businesses going on to purchase their own electric pool bikes; saving money, reducing their environmental impact, and helping keep their workforce healthy. We currently have bikes available so get in touch today.

Active Travel Champions

Volunteer to become your company’s Active Travel Champion and help friends and colleagues discover how great cycling is. Often all it takes to help someone to get cycling is having someone they know and trust offering friendly advice about types of bikes, routes and initiatives to overcome their barriers and encourage people to get back on the bike. We can offer support like an emergency cycle repair kit for your office, resources, maps and posters. Find out more

Sustainable Travel Roadshow

Our team of expert Travel Advisors will come to your business, and motivate your staff to start and continue travelling sustainably. A typical event involves 2 Travel Advisors coming to your site, setting up a table with interactive games, maps, information, and promotional material. Times that work best are over lunch, with the team in a prominent location like a canteen or in the reception area. We also have success with advisors walking around the office beforehand, talking to people at their desks. This service is entirely free, click here to view past events. This is what we do on the day:

  •  Have conversations about people’s concerns, backed up with the latest advice and research.
  •  Show you the best routes and journey times for all your travel options.
  •  Up-to-date information on cycling, walking, car share & public transport services.
  •  Signpost to our support services – loan bikes, cycle training, accompanied rides, bus taster tickets.
  •  Engage staff with our wheel of fortune, or smoothie bike.
  •  Promotional giveaways to for people who engage with the team.

Other events to support walking and cycling

  • Bicycle maintenance training – learn how to repair your own bike over a lunch time – learn about bike safety, punctures, brakes and gears
  • Dr bike sessions – expereinced mechanic that will come to site and carry out minor repairs to staff bikes
  • Active breakfast – Celebrate staff that walk or cycle to work by putting on a breakfast with a small grant from travelwest.

Travel Planning Support

We offer support to businesses that are looking to establish a travel plan. A travel plan is a range of measures aimed at managing the transport needs of an organisation with the aim to reduce the number of single occupancy car trips and to increase workplace accessibility by promoting wider travel choices. Technical advice and support is on offer to organisations in Bristol.

Join My Journey

Get in touch to find out about our car sharing platform – Join My Journey


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