Major Updates

Electric pool bikes

If there is scope for your employees to use an electric bike for short journeys, we have bikes available for six month loans with maintenance arranged by us. The bikes come with all necessary accessories and we organise the delivery.

Businesses that have used the scheme have found significant improvements in mileage claims, and drops in grey fleet usage – a number have gone on to buy pool bikes themselves.

This is a great way to find out whether an electric bike would be a useful asset for your staff. Contact us using the contact details at the bottom of the page to find out more.

Cycle champions

Volunteer to become your company’s Cycle Champion and help friends and colleagues discover how great cycling is. Often all it takes to help someone to get cycling is having someone they know and trust offering friendly advice about types of bikes, routes and initiatives to overcome their barriers and encourage people to get back on the bike.

We can offer support like an emergency cycle repair kit for your office, resources, maps and posters.

Staff Engagement Roadshow

The Travelwest Roadshow Team can visit your workplace to engage your staff about trying out active and sustainable ways of getting to work. Under current funding, this service is entirely free of charge for you as an employer. All services provided to your staff at the event are also free of charge. Duration/event specifics can be discussed with your Business Engagement Manager.

Identifying Target Areas: Support tools

In order to support you in identifying key areas to target within your business, the project can provide both a free site audit and employee travel survey tool (both hosted on Survey Monkey) and a follow up summary report to establish base line information. This is incredibly beneficial in establishing next steps, increasing employee engagement and creating a strong business case for change.

If you’d like to get started with this, just contact us on the details at the bottom of the page.

Car Clubs

There are a number of car clubs operating across the South West now offering electric and hybrid vehicles as part of their fleet. Please see www.travelwest.info/supportservices for further details of car clubs.

Travel Planning

Bristol City Council is able to offer support to businesses that are looking to establish a travel plan. A travel plan is a range of measures aimed at managing the transport needs of an organisation with the aim to reduce the number of single occupancy car trips and to increase workplace accessibility by promoting wider travel choices. Technical advice and support is on offer to organisations in Bristol.

Support overview

Download this PDF for a broad overview of how Travelwest can help you.

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