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Access WEST – promoting active and sustainable travel to work

We are keen to work with a range of organisations in the region to develop and promote sustainable and active travel to and for work in the region. The Access WEST project offers a range of support activities for businesses, the details of the various activities are outlined in these pages.

The Support and Info section outlines more details about the current support offerings available, including:

  • 50% match funded grants for any project which will promote the work we are doing with businesses, full details can be found here: Grants and Funding
  • An Active Travel Champions scheme – covering walking and cycling
  • Dedicated support for mapping which promotes active and sustainable travel
  • Annual events including the travel to work survey, travel challenge and travel awards which help us to gauge the level of use of more sustainable travel modes, promote their use via a competition and also to reward individuals and organisations for their efforts.

For more information please contact the business engagement team, unless otherwise indicated in the individual sections. Contact details are shown below.

We are working closely with North Bristol SusCom again during the course of the project with the aim of combating some of the significant travel congestion issues in the region and continuing to support more sustainable travel to work. Full details of who SusCom are and what they do are in the Business Network section.

We will also be offering support for businesses in conjunction with other project teams during the launch of the Metrobus scheme and also during major roadworks such as the Bromley Heath Viaduct works on the A4174 ring road.

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