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Access WEST – promoting active and sustainable travel to work

Access West has been working with businesses in South Gloucestershire to promote active and sustainable commuting.

Why should I promote active and sustainable travel in my workplace?

Clean growth is the future of business, and promoting active and sustainable travel can help lower your carbon footprint, boost employee health and well-being, and reduce transport costs.  Here are just a few examples of proven benefits:

  • Reduced absences

People who are active take 27% fewer sick days per year than colleagues . Employees who cycle take 1.3 fewer sick days each year than those who don’t. This is worth £128 million every year to the national economy. 

  • Increased productivity

75% of employees who cycle felt it made them more productive at work. 

  • Less Stress

Study after study has shown that regular physical activity helps prevent or alleviate stress, anxiety and depression – this effect is compounded if the activity takes place outside.

  • Improved punctuality

People who cycle or walk to work are more punctual.

  • Reduced demand for parking 

One car takes up the same space as 12 cycle parking spaces. A full bus can take up to 50 cars off the road.  

What can Access West do for my business? 

We offer a range of support activities to help you make your workplace more sustainable:

We can give you money towards making your workplace more sustainable
Our employer grants have helped pay for:
– Electric loan bikes for staff
– Installing cycle parking
– New changing and shower facilities
– Electric loan bikes for staff
– Implementing new car parking management to promote car sharing

Bespoke and personalised travel advice for your staff
Our travel roadshow team offers advice, information and incentives to your staff. We also offer dedicated support for mapping which promotes active and sustainable travel at your workplace.

Data and insights into staff travel habits
Sign up for the Travel to Work Survey and get a bespoke organisational report, raw data set and an opportunity to ask a number of organisational questions.

Great networking events
Make professional connections at the annual Travelwest Awards, which brings together businesses and organisations from across the south west of England to celebrate outstanding commitment to sustainable travel.

Free loan bikes
Choose from our excellent range, which includes hybrid style bikes, folding bikes, and electric bikes.

Competitions and prizes for staff
Sign your organisation up to compete in our Travelwest Challenge to promote active and sustainable travel in your workplace, and participating staff will be entered into our prize draw. Visit:

Support & networks
An Active Travel Champion is someone in your organisation who offers support to colleagues and friends who are looking to start walking or cycling into work. Our Active Travel Champions network is growing, and is helping businesses across South Gloucestershire develop a culture of active travel.

Safe journey sharing for your staff
Journey sharing can help decrease parking problems and ease congestion in your area. Join My Journey is an online platform which connects your employees to help them find colleagues to share journeys with.

Promotional materials
We produce a range of marketing and promotional items to help you promote active travel in your workplace.

How can I sign up?

To access our free services or for further information on the advice, support and funding we offer for businesses in South Gloucestershire, contact:
Tel: 01454 863699

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