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The Around Your Way project

Around Your Way is here to help new residents in South Gloucestershire explore great local places and find the best ways of getting around.

Visit aroundyourway.org for a map of your area.

Around Your Way also provides:

  • Free events for residents – including nature and history walks, kids activities, guided cycle rides and lots more opportunities to get out and about in your neighbourhood.
  • A range of Discover guides – illustrated neighbourhood maps highlighting some local recommendations for the best outdoor spaces and places nearby.
  • Personalised Travel Advice – our Travel Advisors make free personalised travel advice available to new residents – in selected developments – through household visits, events and newsletters.
  • Free travel offers – if you would like to try walking, cycling, car clubs or public transport we provide a range of free travel support services including free adult cycle training, free loan bikes, free Dr Bike cycle maintenance sessions, guided walks and cycles, bus taster tickets, car club offers and more.

Free Travel Offers and Support

There are a range of free offers and support available - please use this simple form to let us know what we can help you with.

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