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Want to promote cycling and walking in your workplace?

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What is an Active Travel Champion?

Champions are enthusiastic members of staff who inspire and help colleagues to cycle and walk to work. There are currently over 200 Cycle and Walking Champions in the West of England, and we want to recruit more. Can you help?

Champions are key in getting more people to cycle and walk to work because the behaviour of our colleagues and neighbours has been shown to influence our own behaviour more than messages about the environment, economy, and social responsibility. In one study, the strongest motivator of energy conservation was simply the belief that other people are doing it. [article]

We will support you to raise the profile of cycling and walking in your organisation and get at least six of your colleagues to cycle or walk more often.

Being a champion is simple and takes just a few minutes a week.

Here are some of the things our Champions currently do:

  • Talk to your colleagues about cycling or walking
  • Pass on maps, leaflets and information
  • Set up a bicycle user group to address issues at your workplace
  • Share your knowledge of the city to help co-workers find a safe route to work
  • Arrange a travel roadshow, bicycle maintenance and Dr Bike session
  • Help fix punctures and coordinate an Emergency Cycle Repair Kit (provided by us)
  • Refresh promotional posters that keep cycling and walking fresh in people’s minds
  • Improve the facilities in your workspace with our match funded grants
  • Arrange the loan of an electric pool bike for business travel

We are here to support you.

We know time is precious, so we’ve tried to make everything as easy and quick as possible. As a Champion you will benefit from the following FREE support:

  • Welcome pack – everything you need to get you started as a Champion
  • Emergency Cycle Repair Kit – fully equipped repair kit for your organisation. Includes a pump, tools, inner tubes, spare lights and lock
  • Promotional Materials – regular supply of maps and leaflets, as well as seasonal promotions such as hi-vis and rucksack covers
  • Travel Roadshow – arrange a roadshow to engage staff and carry out personalised travel planning
  • Bicycle Maintenance sessions – group sessions to learn how to maintain your own bike
  • Dr Bike Sessions – bicycle servicing to keep colleagues commuting by bike
  • FREE bike loan – borrow a bike for up to 1 month for free
  • FREE Cycle Training – to improve your skills and ability to cycle confidently
  • Accompanied ride to work – help to find your best route to work and build your confidence
  • Umbrella pool – to encourage lunchtime walks and walking meetings
  • Bus taster tickets – to try commuting by bus. Remember you walk at either end of the journey. If you want to walk a bit further get off a few stops earlier.

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